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Make More Space In Your Home With Roller Shades

Let’s face it, real estate is not cheap in most areas of the country. Families are growing, often with multiple generations residing together, and space is cramped. An alternative use for window treatments, specifically roller shades, is to use them as room dividers, which, although they cannot technically give more space in a home or apartment, they can certainly divide sections and provide some degree of privacy. Many families find this to be a welcome relief, especially when they feel that they are outgrowing their existing space at a rapid rate.

Not everyone can afford to do extensive home renovations, and many homeowners are looking for practical and affordable ways to make their living space more efficient. Using roller shades has become an excellent way for homeowners to make more space for their families, without having to invest a great deal of money in permanent renovations. This may be especially attractive to those families that are trying to save up money so that they can afford to purchase a new home that is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.

A roller shade can be used in place of a wall to provide at least some visual privacy in a room. Roller shades can be hung from the ceiling or across a corner, and allow for quick division of a room into smaller segments. This means that you can essentially create more “bedrooms” at night, but have a more opened up space during the day to conduct the activities of daily living experienced by most families.

Motorized roller shades are also a possible option, and make it even easier and more convenient to change the space quickly. This is a more expensive option, but may be a viable one for some families that wish to have more control over the shades.

Although roller shades are actually designed as a window treatment, this flexible option is becoming more popular as people strive to make the most out of their space, while keeping the décor attractive and keeping the family happy. Roller shades come in a variety of fabrics and materials and can block some or all of the light.

If you are looking for flexible options for dividing your space, then consider adding roller shades to make better use of the space in your cozy home.

Insulated Panels Make Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Certain types of screens and window treatments can help with improving the energy efficiency of your home. Knowing how to make the most of your window treatments so that they not only look beautiful but also provide a useful function will not only save you money but make you more comfortable and add plenty of beauty to your home.

Some screens can also help to provide some insulation from the heat and cold. Mesh screens that are mounted outside of the windows will help to reflect a great deal of the sun’s rays, keeping the home cooler. Many homeowners choose to install these on the windows that face east or west, because these are the directions from which many of the strongest rays will come from.

When you use insulated panels along with mesh screens and even a roof overhang for southern facing windows, you can truly maximize the energy conservation and not only save money but be extremely comfortable in your home. Sealing the insulated panels to the walls will serve as extra insulation and keep even more of the heat and cold from coming in and out when it is unwanted. Sealing the window treatment panels to the wall is as simple as using Velcro or magnetic tape and takes only minutes to install.

The main factors to take into consideration for using insulated panels are the climate in which you live, the latitude (because the intensity of the sun will vary accordingly), the rating of the insulated window treatment panels, and the size and type of the window that you are intending to protect.

Insulated panels can be draperies, shades, blinds or virtually any type of window treatment, and if you poke around enough at your home improvement store, you will likely find exactly what you are looking for, or at least be able to special order it if they do not stock the particular item that you need.

In colder climates, using storm windows in addition to insulated panels will definitely give you the heat conservation that you will want, so this should be another consideration for those windows in which storm windows are possible.

Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer with Window Treatments

With the summer months approaching, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep cool that do not necessarily involve air conditioning. While those in the hotter climates cannot usually avoid using air conditioning, many in temperate climates can simply control the heat in the home with the right window treatments.

In some areas, simply closing draperies or blinds during the sunniest parts of the day can help keep the house cool. On breezy days, draperies or blinds can be opened, allowing the windows to be open and letting in some fresh air to make things feel nice.

Draperies that have a plastic solar protection panel added in can be the best way to keep out the heat. One of the ideal characteristics about draperies during the hot weather is the folds and pleats, which can help with the heat convection and keep the heat from entering the home and making it too stuffy and warm. Some draperies are known to reduce the heat entry into the home by more than 30%, which can be significant when you are trying to reduce air conditioning costs associated with the warm weather.

To keep the heat out, it can be helpful to hang the draperies close to the window itself. When the draperies are longer than the sill, or even down to the floor, energy conservation is maximized. Adding a cornice or valance to the top can also help, since heat rises, and the valance or cornice can help to trap it and prevent it from entering the room.

For draperies that are a few inches away from the window, try using a Velcro strip on the sides of the windows to further seal things off and keep the hot rays of the sun at bay. As the temperatures cool when the sun goes down, draperies can be opened and the windows can let some wonderful breezes in to cool the house down and make it more comfortable for sleeping.

For those who prefer a more natural heating and cooling system, window treatments can be chosen that can help naturally heat and cool a home, without the need for excessive use of the air conditioner. Use the money that you save on air conditioning to enjoy fun summer activities!

Spruce up your windows with stylish and effective blinds

Window blinds have emerged as a popular and stylish alternative to traditional curtains as a window treatment. They are versatile, functional, tasteful, and give an uncluttered look to the room. There are myriad options available in the market like wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, vertical blinds and shutters. You can choose the one that suits your taste, requirements, and budget.

In the world of interior décor, using up miles of fabric to dress up the windows is a thing of the past. These days, the minimalistic, sophisticated and utilitarian concept of window blinds is the way to go. Window blinds offer a versatile, tasteful, uncluttered, and fashionable alternative to traditional curtains. Whether you intend remodelling your house from the scratch, or just want to spice up your living space a bit, you can opt for window blinds to reenergise the room with better light control and a neater look.

If you have decided on dressing up your windows with blinds, you might just get bewildered by the variety available in the market. Your choice would depend on a number of factors like existing home décor, window shape and size, budget, and your personal needs and preferences. To make choice simple for you, we have compiled a list of window blinds that you will find in the market, and which ones are suitable for what kind of living spaces. So, here is the roundup of most popular window blinds that you can choose for your home:

Wooden blinds: Do you want to add a rich, neat and elegant touch to your windows? Wooden blinds are an ideal choice for you. These blinds are suitable for all kinds of rooms. No matter you have a classic or contemporary home décor; wooden blinds can transform any living space. Above all, hardwood blinds are extremely durable, so they will continue to adorn your windows for a long time to come. You can choose from different hues of wood to ensure that your blinds go well with other furniture and décor items.

Faux wood blinds: If you are limited by budget, but want the elegance of wooden blinds on your windows, then faux wood blinds are perfect for you. These blinds offer some inherent benefits like resistance to extreme weather conditions, and reasonable price. If your room is prone to high humidity, then it makes every sense for you to invest in faux wood blinds. You will have long lasting, wood like blinds, which are not harsh on your pocket.

Mini Blinds: These blinds are made of horizontal slats held together by a rod or string. The materials used are usually aluminium or vinyl. This means, the price comes down even further, but the functionality and durability remains intact. The biggest advantage of these blinds is the variety of colours available and its versatility. If you are looking for blinds to go well with your existing home décor, then mini blinds make a great choice.

Vertical blinds: If you are looking for blinds to dress up your glass doors or patios, then vertical blinds are the perfect fit. You enjoy the freedom to open the blinds in all directions. The myriad colour options allow you to find an ideal match for your home décor.

Shutters: If you need full control over your window and complete privacy at the same time, then you should go for shutters. You can open them up like a door, and you have complete control over the amount of light you want to let in. Shutters offer great value for money, they are decorative and at the same time highly functional.

Any one of these styles can render great aesthetic appeal to even an ordinary window. So, which one of these styles tickle your fancy?