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Choosing a window covering is a big deal. Windows serve several purposes, and adorning them with the window blind or window shade that fits in with your idea for how that window enhances a room, is critical for you enjoying your home. Window coverings are the type of home décor product that one shops for rarely. Having recently gone through the process myself, I learned a few things to look out for, and for some odd reason, I feel compelled to share a tidbit of my new found knowledge.


The very first thing to consider, and it’s a major decision, is to decide on a shade or a blind. The biggest difference, and I’m talking about how the window covering impacts your enjoying your home, is the view through the window. Blinds can be adjusted from wide open, to shut tight, without raising the window covering. That’s because window blinds are made with slats of varying sizes that tilt. The slats can run both horizontally and vertically. The tilt mechanism, which is either a wand or a double cord, closes and opens the window blind to any angle you desire. Window shades are a totally different animal. Window shades are made with a fabric that covers your window, and must be raised to get a view through to the outside. This may not seem like a big deal, but let me share what happened to me.

I chose honeycomb shades for the breakfast nook. I have three windows that I suppose could be considered a bay window. The view to the outside is awesome. It happens to be to my courtyard, which my wife has turned into a tranquil setting worthy of looking at every morning while I slurp down a bowl of Cheerios. The windows face east. The sun rises from the east. The angle of the sun is intense, making it impossible to enjoy the view in the morning because my honeycomb shades are either opened or closed, and when they’re open, the sun is blinding. Those cellular shades made someone at our Goodwill dropoff location very happy.

Faux wood blinds now cover those windows. When I get to the kitchen in the morning, rather than opening the blinds by raising them, I just tilt the slats to angle up so that I can see out of the window to my awesome courtyard, while at the same time the intense rays of the sun are deflected up and out of my eyes.

Save yourself time and money when you start your window covering shopping expedition by understanding this really very important choice!