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Using Bamboo Wood Window Blinds for Better Results

Using bamboo wood window blinds can prove to be a very nice option for the homeowners who are looking for complete privacy. These wooden and bamboo blinds are known to enhance privacy, offer shade and help improve the décor of the room. They are strong, light and usually simple to clean. They can either be slat-style that function with a pulley and cord or roll-up blinds. Both wooden and bamboo blinds have advantages that make them worth the additional cost when compared to plastic or vinyl blinds.

For a detailed review of bamboo blinds, check out the information given below carefully. Bamboo and wooden blinds will never disappoint you with the kind of features they have.



Wooden and bamboo shades have been in use for a long time as traditional art and decorative pieces. These window blinds are prized for their reliability and eco-friendliness and can complement a contemporary, Asian style as well as a traditional room.


Bamboo is a great eco-friendly option for you as it is a renewable resource. It grows quickly and is versatile in nature. Wood derived from the hardwood trees is also quite good as it has proved to be a major player in building up the society.


As per the Wood blinds Guidebook, about 50 percent of all the major heat gain or loss in a house is through the windows. Without the use of proper blinds, half of the cooling or heating gets wasted. Metal or traditional vinyl blinds are superior to no covering. Bamboo and wood are outstanding insulators and can easily bring down your cooling and heating costs by blocking the heat from penetrating through your windows.


Not many people are aware of the fact that bamboo is one of the sturdiest materials available naturally. It has a tensile strength, which is powerful than steel. Wooden blinds, too, can prove to be quite strong as they are durable. If one talks about, metal and vinyl blinds, then it is quite essential to note that they can crack and bend with a fairly light amount of pressure. However, wooden and bamboo blinds are extremely resilient.

Other Advantages

Blinds are exposed to regular sunlight during the day time and are, therefore, quite prone to getting heated up. Metal and Vinyl blinds can get really hot and so can prove to be dangerous for small kids. They even pose a lot of danger of forming sharp edges and breaking. However, bamboo blinds don’t get too hot and are also simple to clean and maintain.