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Cordless blinds: The safe and economical window treatment


Cordless blinds are a popular window treatment for the modern day buildings. They offer a safe, neat and elegant way to dress up the windows. The blinds that come with cordless operation include roman blinds, cellular blinds, wooden blinds, mini blinds, roller blinds, and solar blinds. They are easy to use, and you can lower or raise the blinds by a gentle push or pull action on the lower part of the blinds. Cordless blinds are pet and child friendly. They offer effective light control and privacy.

Cordless blinds are a popular window treatment and are used in many modern buildings across the world. These blinds are quite similar to the regular window blinds, except that they don’t have any dangling rods or cords. The blinds are raised or lowered by pushing or pulling the lower portion of the blinds. The amount of light and privacy can be controlled by holding the blinds at the right place. You can create complete privacy by lowering the blinds, and enjoy the external view by raising the blinds, all in a much effortless manner.

Types of cordless blinds

Cordless blinds come in various designs, colours, materials and sizes, and you can choose the ones that best suit your requirements and personal preferences. The blinds that come with cordless operation include roman blinds, cellular blinds, wooden blinds, mini blinds, roller blinds, and solar blinds. So, after you have chosen the blinds that go best with your home décor and offer you optimum light control and privacy, you can ask your vendor to give you same blinds with cordless operation.

Benefits of using cordless blinds

Cordless blinds can cost you slightly more than the regular window blinds available in the market. But they are worth every penny considering all the benefits that they offer.

Safety: It is one of the most important reasons why people prefer cordless blinds. In these blinds, there are no dangling cords or rods; hence, there is no risk of tangling or strangulation. The long dangling cords can pose strangulation danger to children or pets. So, cordless blinds are the safest bet for homes that have kids or pets.

Ease of operation: Cordless blinds are extremely easy to operate. There is no pulley system, and you can raise of lower the window blinds with a gentle push or pull. To adjust the height of the blinds, you just have to hold the blind in place, and you no longer have to struggle with rods and cords. For larger windows or areas that are hard to reach, motorised cordless blinds make a great choice.

Elegant and neat: The dangling cords look cluttered and unimpressive. Cordless blinds on the other hand, look much elegant and neat. They render sophistication and charm to the windows.

Effective light control and privacy:  By offering an efficient and simple way to adjust the height, the cordless blinds allow you to effectively control light and privacy.