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Cleaning Tips for Window Blinds

The task of cleaning window blinds can prove to be a dreaded one for anyone. However, with the right tips and guidelines one can easily carry out this task with great ease. Window blinds are known to offer privacy and a great amount of light control. Although not many people know that these blinds are also a strong magnet for dirt and dust. Cleaning ways depend on which material the window blinds are made of. Usually, they are made up of wood, painted metal slats or vinyl. By cleaning them regularly, one can easily enhance their longevity.

Some key tips on how to clean the window blinds carefully are given below. Every homeowner should follow the below mentioned instructions for getting better results.


The best thing that one can do is dusting. Proper dusting prevents dirt from building up on the window blinds. One can dust the blinds on a weekly basis, using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The slats should be properly cleaned from both the sides. Another great alternative is running smooth, lint-free dust cloth over all the slats. Microfiber cloth pieces can be used for this purpose as they attract dirt and are extremely simple to use. A dust spray can be used to further clean the area. You need to ensure that dusting is done properly on a regular basis so that the dust doesn’t get accumulated.

Deep Cleaning


A lot of people would agree to the fact that even with consistent dusting, window blinds require an occasional session of deep cleaning. Condensation marks, kitchen grease and fingerprints can really make them look dirty. Deep cleaning can help you get rid of all such problems with great ease. One can easily wipe them down using a damp cloth. Afterwards, a dry cloth can be used to clean up the area so that no streaks are left. Clean the slats properly, using some soapy water. Liquid dish soap can also prove to be quite helpful here. Once you have cleaned them properly, you need to ensure that you dry them up quickly.

Pull Cords

Most of the pull cords available in the market comprise of cloth cording, even though some metal ball chain types are also accessible. Well, cords can get really dirty as they’re consistently subjected to skin oil and dirty hands. These cords require regular wipe down with a damp cloth. Once you clean them up nicely, they will remain shiny and neat for a long period of time. Soapy water can be used to clean the cords properly.

These are some of the most effective solutions and tips, which one can follow to clean blinds and shades properly. In case the polish comes out, you can consider calling a professional team of experts for handling the blinds.