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What to Consider When Choosing Blinds for a Child's Bedroom


Choosing the right blinds or shades for your child's bedroom can save you time and keep your kids safe.  Find out the three key features any good window treatment needs to have before you install it in your child's room.


Decorating a child's bedroom can be a costly endeavor.  Every decision – from the paint and carpeting down to the pillows and bed covers – is considered carefully.  This is also true when it comes to choosing a window treatment for your child's bedroom.  Blinds come in so many different styles now that you may easily feel overwhelmed by the selection.  But when decorating a child's room there are three key things to keep in mind when choosing a window treatment.  Blinds or other treatments should be

ñ  easy to clean

ñ  safe to use

ñ  durable and versatile

Keeping these three core ideas in mind when shopping for blinds and shades will help you make the right choice.  Since decorating can require quite an investment, taking the time to make the right decision will save you time and money both now and later.

Safety First!

Ask any parent and they're bound to tell you their number one concern about bedroom furniture is safety.  Although parents don't think twice about researching the safety standard for their child bed, desk or even their bookcase, that same attention isn't always given to window treatments.  The sad fact is that children can easily become entangled in hanging cords and so cordless shades and window treatments have become increasingly popular to use in a small child's bedroom.  Although the concern obviously diminishes as children get older, cordless blinds are the safest bed for younger children and especially toddlers or infants. 

Easy to Clean

Blinds and shades come in a wide variety of styles.  That's part of what makes them such an effective way to decorate of enhance any space.  Although each kind of blind and window covering adds its own special touch, some types are simply easier to clean than other.  Wooden blinds, for example, can be a stunning addition to a room but also require regular dusting and, depending on the look you ant to achieve, even polishing.  While that's fine for a dining room, study or other kind of space, it doesn't really mesh well with the feel of a child's room.  The blinds or shades in your child's room should be easy to clean, ideally requiring no more than the occasional swipe of a clean rag.  They should also be able to be easily cleaned if they become a part of your child's artistic endeavors.  Pain, crayons, markers, pens, stickers and glue all have a way of getting onto just about anything in a child's room.  A window blind or shade can prove too temping for many kids who see it as a blank canvas.  Be sure the window treatment you select is stain resistant and easy to clean no matter what life – or your child – throws at it.

Durability with Versatility

A set of high quality blinds or full window treatments can be something of an investment.  But knowing that the blinds will stand up to the rigors of being in a child's room make it worthwhile.  In addition to simply being durable, the blinds or shades should also be able to be matched with different styles as your child ages.  Generally, shades with patters are avoided for a small child's room since a specific pattern will not always translate well to a new style when your child gets older and wants to change the way their room looks.  This is especially true for older children as they often express themselves by decorating and then redecorating their rooms.  Choose shades and blinds in appealing but semi-neutral colors.

Taking some time to consider exactly what your child needs as well as what will go best with their personal style will help you make the right decision.  Rushing through and simply choosing blinds or shades based solely on price can lead to accidents with cords, stained fabrics and a window treatment that only lasts a year before you have to completely replace it.   Choose a treatment that will be safe to have around your child and will enhance their room while being durable enough to stand up to an active child and, of course, his or her ever changing tastes.