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Cordless shades are all the rage


When people want to decorate or redecorate a room, they'll consider the walls, the carpet, the furniture, art and accent pieces; but will usually completely overlook the windows and blinds.  Overlooking this part of a room can not only limit what you can do for a room, but it can end up costing you money.  Too often, people get stuck in the old thinking that blinds and window treatments can only do a little bit in terms of refreshing a room or even completely changing the entire look and feel of a space. 

Cordless shades have become the newest and most popular way to decorate a room easily and to even transform the entire feel of a personal or business space.  This is because cordless shades essentially turn any window into a piece of wall art.  Cordless window treatments can be created to accent a color scheme using simple solid colors or with patterns, prints and even custom designs. 

Cellular shades are most often the type referred to when it comes to cordless shade options.  Cellular shares are able to filter light as well as having an amazing ability to muffle outside noise.  This makes them ideal in terms of material as they can be used to change the lighting in a room while also muffling sounds and therefore making it feel cozier immediately.  Since this type of shade is created in a cordless format, once the shades are down they fill the available window space exactly, transforming each window into a framed image.


This is where the decision to go with solids, a simple pattern or a specific print determines the look and feel of a room.  A simple light background with a kid friendly print like Mickey Mouse makes a child's bedroom or playroom lit in soft colors while adding that splash of color and creativity thanks to the print itself.  Conversely, that same bedroom can be fitted with a funky pink, purple and green pattern to transform the feel of the room into the perfect setting for a teenager or even just a small creative studio.  Swap out those same cordless blinds with a solid color like peach, pink or blue and the entire room is transformed again.  And with every option there are no hanging cords to get tangled or distract from the overall aesthetic of the room. 

The beauty and versatility of cellular cordless shades is one of its greatest selling points but these shades are more than just a pretty face.  Depending on the darkness of the color, these shades can be used as full on blackout shades if you want a truly dark and intimate feel for a room.  Going with a darker color can also help to keep a room cooler during the warmer months and are an effective way to reduce cooling bills for many homeowners.  Their ability to muffle sound also makes them an ideal choice for bedrooms, especially for young children who are more prone to waking at noises in the middle of the night.  When you look at all the options cordless blinds can bring, it's no wonder they've become such a popular and cost-effective way to redecorate.