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Modern Window Blinds: Up, Down and All Around

Modern window blinds are not like their boring former counterparts of the past. Once created to hide the windows of a house, in contrast, today’s blinds actually draw attention to windows, using the beauty of natural light to enhance a space. Thanks to the variety of materials and styles, modern window blinds no longer blend in and disappear; instead, they make a bold statement, adding beauty and ambiance to your home.


Cut the Cord – Some people avoid using window blinds because of the cords, which can tangle or fray over time, but now there are motorized blinds that eliminate the need for cords. For children and pets, the cords can create a choking hazard, although there are plastic child protection systems available that separate the cord when something is caught in the loop. Cordless blinds are a safe option, but they also are quite pleasing to the eye, creating a modern, elegant look to any room. Motorized blinds can tilt the slats at the touch of a button and are fast and simple to install, too.


Block the Light – In an effort to produce blinds that completely block out the light, like classic roller shades, manufacturers have created innovative blind designs. You can now find blinds with lift cords that wrap around each slat, instead winding through numerous holes in them, dramatically reducing the amount of light entering the room. Another benefit to this design is that you can remove a single slat for easy cleaning, instead of having to take the entire blind down and wrestle it to another surface for washing.

Go Green - Window blinds are now available in natural materials and fibers that add insulation, saving on energy costs and usage. Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing variety, either. Eco-friendly blinds are available in a dizzying variety of colors and shades, so they will add beauty to any room while making you feel good about doing your part to save the planet.

For the Kids – Blinds and shades for children now come with their favorite characters, adding a fun, light element to the room. For added safety, they are available in cordless varieties, and you can get them in room darkening designs, too. Having a fun motif on the blinds will encourage kids to keep them down to enjoy them, which means they won’t be so tempted to play with them, wearing them out prematurely. Children’s blinds come in the mini blind variety, which can take a lot of abuse, are easy to raise and lower, and resist dust and warping.

Top, Bottom, Side to Side – Window blind manufacturers are keeping up with the times by thinking outside the box. In the past, there was one option for opening blinds, which was from the bottom up. However, now, you can purchase blinds that open from the top down, adding an extra layer of security and privacy to your home. In addition, vertical blinds open from side to side, which allows you to add the exact amount of natural light into the room. More options in window blinds makes much easier to find the perfect window treatment for every room in your house.

If you’ve tried windows blinds in the past and found it difficult to deal with the cord, the light they emit or cleaning them, it’s time to give them a second chance. Due to modern innovations, window blinds are making a big comeback and once again are an exciting window treatment staple.