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4 Seasonal Changes to Make to Your Window Treatments

When the seasons change, it can be nice to make adjustments to your décor that can let more light in, make things more cozy or make a room appear more airy and open. Changing your window treatments periodically throughout the year is one way to make this happen. Here are four tips that you can use to make seasonal changes this spring and brighten up your home and let the welcome sun in to every room.

1.       Lighten up the draperies: If your room has had heavy draperies all winter long, why not consider changing over to sheers, or even just a valance? You can use mini blinds to make up for the privacy lost when you take down the heavy, light blocking drapes. Mini blinds are perfect for quickly raising in the morning to let the sun shine in, yet can be closed in the evenings when darkness falls and you want some privacy.

2.       Splash some color on the windows: While you may prefer a more formal, or classic look, during the winter, spring is a time when you can easily pull off a more whimsical, lighter look. Colors can make a window stand out, and choosing bright, springy colors can help to lift a mood and breathe some new life into your rooms.

3.       Window films: Inexpensive and decorative, window films can complement any décor by adding some quick style. They work well with Roman shades or mini blinds, even wooden blinds, by leaving the windows semi covered, yet decorated when the shades or blinds are opened. Window films can come in many different styles, from more classic styles to floral patterns or even just frosted film for privacy.

4.       Dress up your existing window treatments: Adding accessories, like beads and fringe, or new tassles, can dress up your current windows and make them seasonally nicer. Or, consider dressing up your windows by installing a textured or patterned Roman shade, or one made from natural materials like wood or bamboo, to give your room a whole new look.

Changing your home décor according to the season is a fairly inexpensive way to give your rooms a makeover and let the sunshine in, which can definitely boost your mood and make your home appear more inviting. Changes you make for the spring can be changed back for the winter months, when you want your home to appear cozier and keep the cold out. Don’t be limited by these ideas when you want to update or freshen up your window treatments, be creative and experiment with new looks, colors and styles.