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Customizing Window Décor

Why settle for the mundane, plain window treatments that might be available from your local home improvement store when you can spice things up and really make a statement? Depending on your own personal style, there are nearly endless combinations that can be used to make your room special, just by customizing your own window décor into something that is attractive and meaningful to you. From classic to contemporary, functional to whimsical, and everything in between, making your window treatment a part of your own personality statement is fun.

There are several companies selling custom made blinds and shades online. Among them are, Select Blinds, Blinds Galore and Blindster. You can even buy online at popular sites such as Home Depot and Lowes, albeit a more limited selection.

For starters, it can be helpful to narrow down what it is exactly that you want to cover the window. There are many options for this first basic step. Choose from pull shades, to Roman shades, to sheers, to curtain panels, to wooden blinds, to vinyl mini blinds, and much more. Once you begin to establish what you like to cover the window, it’s time for the fun to start.

Take Roman shades, for example. These come in so many different styles, fabrics and colors that it can be quite daunting to make your selection. This is where you need to start to think more about what kind of décor you have in your room, and what your own taste is. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a fancy brocade fabric Roman shade in a room that was ultra modern and chic. You might go with something that is more sleek and contemporary appearing, rather than being more on the classically elegant side.

How about an office, where you might want to get more daylight, yet still have plenty of privacy? Choose from window treatments or blinds that are not light blocking, so that some daylight filters through for you. This can create a motivating workspace that anyone could be productive in.

When you are ready to start putting your own personal touch on your home décor, think of window treatments as one way to really make a statement. Your window treatments can be the finishing touch that you need to make your room really special to you, and make it really stand out when others see it. Take your ideas from the objects and decorations that you already have on hand, check out some magazines and websites, and talk to others to get ideas, then you can pull it all together with the right combination of mini blinds, Roman shades, wooden blinds, sheers, curtains and more, along with some great accessories and accents, to make your home a place of comfort and beauty.