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Style Inspired Blinds - Enhancing Your Interiors

Interiors that look like they’re out of a dream are every homemaker’s fantasy. We often wonder how it is possible to have those immaculately designed plush interiors that are really flawless. No part of home decor can be neglected if such an interior is desired. Likewise, blinds and shades can no longer remain mundane to look at. Besides serving their function, who doesn’t want them to be naturally in sync with the vibe of the room they’re installed in? From luxurious and classy, elegant and sober, business or workplace styled, bright and sharp to children’s fun styled, every room has a mood to project. Quite obviously, you wouldn’t appreciate it if the shades or shutters in the room look alien to its feel. The answer to this problem is style inspired blinds.

Yes, it does take up some focus and time to find the perfect blinds for your space. However, it’s worth every minute and penny. After all, it’s not every day that you could make changes to your interiors. So, whether you want to give your room the look of a quaint little cottage or a timeless and exotic casting, there’s no dearth of blinds to make your pick from. To top it all, you could personalize these by choosing the color that is in resonance with the room’s appeal. Here are a few tips on the various alternatives that are climbing the ladders of popularity:

  1. Bamboo Shades - These are for the rooms that exude a dramatic quotient. Besides adding an organic touch to the decor, the weave allows for optimum light filtering. Ideal for a casual setting.
  2. Sheer Shades - These are for the posh and classy styled rooms. In various hues, they do wonders in complementing the highlight color of the room. From creams and pales to beiges, these are available in very many shades. The best feature with these is the supreme level of light control and privacy that you experience without taking away anything from the essence of the interior.
  3. Pleated Shades - These are the classic blinds that will only get better with the different styles and fabric shades these come with. Very much in harmony with the gravity of the workplace, these are perfect for an office setting.
  4. Roman Shades - These shades are for the interior that captures the theme of opulence. From Roman shades in reds, greens to browns and blues, these are available in a variety of colors. In fact, even the designs on the fabric vary. Most stores have an entire catalogue dedicated to these immensely popular shades.
  5. Cartoon Inspired Shades - It’s quite natural to find regular shades in your child’s room unnatural. Befitting the colorful soul of a youngster’s room, refreshing cartoon inspired shades have arrived in the market. These shades deserve all the attention that is being devoted to them for no shades could replace the playful element that Mickey Mouse renders to these blinds. Available with support from Disney, these could be found aplenty on websites such as, which also features a humongous number of different shades, blinds and window coverings including the currently in trend honeycomb/cellular patterned blinds, Roller Shades, Solar Shades in materials like wood, faux wood and fabrics. 

Technology in shades and blinds is speeding up its pace and you need to keep up with it with poise to make your experience with your interiors unique and desirable.