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Window Decorating the Feng Shui Way

Those who are considering decorating their homes or redecorating their homes often come across information about how to use Feng shui principles to balance the energy of the home. Feng shui is essentially based on the Chinese culture premise that good health and good fortune come from balanced energy, and that most energy comes from the five basic elements of earth, water, metal, wood and fire. The balance of each of these components in your home is thought to lead to good health and happiness, so there are many people who will embrace this philosophy as a result.

Incorporating the five basic elements in a balanced way in your home is not difficult. But, windows are certainly going to be a center point of this style of decorating, as they certainly can affect any transfer of energy that takes place. Windows and doors are actually thought to be something like the “eyes” of a home, and the “eyes” of a person, or anything for that matter, are thought to hold tremendous power when it comes to energy. Therefore, where your windows and doors are placed, and what types of window treatments and coverings that you choose for them, can have a direct impact on the energy of your home, either good or bad, depending on how your decorating corresponds with the basic Feng shui principles.

For ideal Feng shui, it is suggested that windows be kept clear for good energy flow. This is not always practical, at least in terms of privacy, so choosing window treatments that can be easily opened and closed, such as drapes on a rod, or raised and lowered like mini blinds or Roman shades, will often do the trick. The more natural light that can pass during the day, the better it is for the energy of the home and the occupants.

Feng shui may also be affected by the materials that are used to create the window coverings. The more natural the materials are, the better it is for the Feng shui energy. Woods and natural fabrics are obviously more preferable in this instance. Colors can be more varied, but peaceful, muted and classy colors are better for good energy than louder, darker or more ornate patterns. Plastic and vinyl materials are generally frowned upon.

Creating a home that has good energy can help bring the occupants health and harmony, according to the principles of Feng shui. As you decorate your home to bring harmony, consider the windows as an important part of your overall energy flow and select window treatments accordingly.