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Blinds for a low maintenance decor

If you like to give your house the perfect décor, but do not want to be pressured with the troubles of maintaining that perfect decor, then blinds are probably the better option for you than curtains. Simple yet elegant, they do not take up too much space, but still give the perfect cover to your windows with ample protection from sunlight and heat. What's more, these are eco-friendly and can save you time, money and effort in more ways than you can imagine. Some of the interesting facts about blinds that make it an ideal choice are:

  • Easy to clean: Doing up your house with blinds lends it the same charming touch that elaborate curtains lend to the décor, but without all the hassle of maintaining them. Blinds are made of low maintenance fabric that can be easily cleaned at home with a wet towel. Whether you pick up wooden or bamboo shades or even blinds with designs on them, they do not need to be taken down every time you want to wipe off dust or stains. You can leave the blinds hanging on the window while you wipe them down. In fact if you use some material such as Faux Wood, PVC or aluminium, you needn’t worry about contact with water and even a wipe down with a dry cloth is enough to wipe off the dust that accumulates if you ignore the cleaning for a week.
  • Energy Efficient: Blinds are designed in such a manner that you can exploit the natural lights to give your room the appropriate lighting at day times so that you do not have to use your in-house lighting much, helping you save a pile on those bills. Also, you open them just enough to let in the cool natural breeze from outside to flow in with vertical blinds or sheer shades.  The Double Cell Light Filter shades can provide your house an added insulation, which does not wear off even after a long time. Apart from the protection they provide from the heat and dust in winter, these blinds are great to keep the house warm during the winter too.
  • Space Saving: Since blinds fit right onto the windows, they take up very little space. In fact they are the ideal choice if you want the minimalist look for your home. They are perfect for rooms that are not very big; rather, their appearance will actually give the room a more spacious look. Whether it is vertical or horizontal blinds, they take up very little space even for opening or closing them.
  • Easy to Operate: The beauty of blinds is the ease they offer for drawing them to open or close them. You can get cordless blinds that can be opened with the cordless lift system, which offers additional safety too. Or you can opt for cordless blinds in different patterns such as pleated shades, roller shades, cellular shades and much more.

You can select blinds for windows, vents or doors from that will be cost effective and easy to install. So, you just need to go online and choose from the innumerable shades, designs, textures and patterns the best blinds to fit in with your house decor.