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How to Shop for made-to-measure Blinds on the Internet

Doing up the home decor is a fulfilling, but tedious task, and add to it running from pillar to post for the perfect blind for the rooms can be an ordeal and might actually seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, why not ease the trouble a bit and do the search online? You can make your search more specific and concentrate on getting the right design alone. We realize the greatest concern here will be buying the right fit for your windows, especially where blinds are concerned.

Most online stores offer you the exact size you will require for your window. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to pick the right length of made-to-measure blinds on the internet.

Step 1: Measure your window correctly by following the instructions mentioned on the website from where you have picked the blind.

Step 2: Use the equipment mentioned on the site for measuring the window; generally you are asked to use a good quality steel measuring tape. If you are not confident about doing it yourself, then you can get help from someone else.

Step 3: Make a decision about whether you want the blind to be mounted inside or outside the window casing. Mostly, people prefer to mount the blind outside the window casing and if you decide to do it this way, then you must decide how much larger than the window opening do you want it to be.

Step 4: It is generally suggested that you round up the measurement values to 1/8” for height and width. Add some additional inches to the measure to get a good overlap of the window. This way, you can also ensure better covering for the window, while letting in adequate light.

Step 5: Keep in mind the obstructions that are likely to come up when you mount the blinds outside the window which might affect the mount.

Step 6: If you decide to mount the blind inside the window, make sure there is enough depth in the window casing to accommodate the hardware fittings for the blind to be mounted.

Step 7:  Note down the quantity, measurement (height and width), product name, and room details for which you want to fit the blinds for your reference. Fill in the details appropriately and upload the details and place the order on the website.

Step 8: Once you receive the blinds, follow the DIY installation guide to set up your blinds and voila your new blinds are up to complete the charming new decor.

The blinds on sale at are F.I.T guaranteed, which means that if your blinds don’t fit despite the meticulous measuring, they will correct the problem at no additional cost. Such assurance should allay your fears about not getting the right fix for your labor of love. Made-to-measure blinds may cost a little extra, but sometimes the customization is just what you need to complete the vision you set out with, and it is a one time expense, so why not pamper yourself.