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How to Use Valances as Window Treatments for Any Room

A valance is a type of window treatment that is used to line the top edge of the window and hang down only a few inches. Valances are typically fixed window treatments, and cannot be opened or closed, or raised and lowered. These types of window treatments are purely for aesthetic or decorative purposes, though they can help prevent some of the drafts and extra light that does come through, depending on the window on which they are installed.

Valances may be used with or without additional window treatments, and are flexible and practical. They work well in just about any room, and on just about any window type, shape or size. They can enhance and complement any type of décor very nicely. Valances do not have to exactly match the draperies or curtains on the window, often using an accent fabric or material can add character to the area.

Many people choose to be very creative when it comes to using window valances, and make them out of special items or materials that are unique. For example, using baseball pennants in your son’s room can be a special touch, or using decorative hand towels in the kitchen can be very whimsical and decorative. Adding tassels or other accessories can dress up a plain valance for a formal room, add charm to a plain or small area, or make it extra special for a girl’s pretty room.

For walls with multiple windows next to each other, a single valance that spans the width of all of the windows can create the illusion of a more open space, while tying the entire room together in a cozy way.

Because valances can be created for any window or any space, and can be any shape or size, they are a terrific choice for decorating when you are on a budget. They can be created from materials that you already have, or materials that can be found inexpensively in craft stores or hobby stores.

If you are choosing to use valances in a room that requires some privacy, adding sheers or mini blinds can give you options when it comes to closing out the neighbors when you want, yet will allow you to let as much light in during the day as you would like.

Valances are also a great way to update your existing window treatments when you are ready for a change but not prepared to make a complete decorating overhaul. There are no limits when it comes to using valances as window treatments! Be creative!