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Special Considerations For Bedroom Window Treatments

Few rooms other than the bedroom need special attention when it comes to window treatments. This is definitely one space in the home that you need to have a great balance of fashion and function. You probably want your bedroom to be a beautiful and relaxing space in the home, but you also probably have special privacy needs that need to be addressed as well.

Every window in your home provides an opportunity to let light and air in, as well as allow you to gaze out at whatever view you have. It is especially important that you are able to enjoy light and fresh air in the bedroom, but when it comes time to need privacy, you need to have window treatments that are flexible and functional, to account for the different needs at different times of the day. There are definitely many options in window treatments that can provide both the beauty as well as the functionality that you are going to need.

Consider combining window treatments so that you can have the best of both worlds in your bedroom. A decorative valance or draperies that complement the décor in your bedroom will provide the color and decoration, while adding mini blinds or a Roman shade will allow you to easily open up the window and let plenty of light in on a moment’s notice.

Sheers are another great option, because they will provide some degree of privacy, allow for some light to filter through, which might be the best of both worlds. Understanding the many options that you have can help you make the choice that is going to be best for your unique situation.

Have you evaluated the options for using shades as window treatments in your bedroom? This will allow for quick opening and closing, while adding plenty of beauty to the room. Roman shades, pull down shades and even bamboo shades will be fitted to the window frame, effectively blocking light and providing privacy, while making your bedroom cozy and inviting all at the same time. Shades may be selected for windows that face in a certain direction, such as east, because the sun will rise in this direction, and morning sun can be blocked more easily for a better rest. Choosing a light blocking shade will provide extra light blocking. Sheers, for example, on this side of your home, may not provide the best solution unless you are a morning person who wants to be awakened each day by the sun.