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More Energy Saving Window Treatment Ideas

Saving energy is huge for homeowners. Not only do most people want to pay less for their energy bills, but many people are becoming more conscious of the natural resources available to our country, and they are trying to do their part to conserve energy and use less. One way in which this is accomplished is by choosing window treatments that allow for insulation when needed, from both heat and cold, while allowing for natural heating and cooling in their home by using their windows effectively. Window treatments that provide the flexibility to not only insulate when needed, but provide easy access to open windows to allow warming daylight or cooling breezes are becoming more and more important to homeowners.

One of the biggest energy saving options for homeowners comes in the form of interior blinds. Blinds are a wonderful option for saving energy, because they can often be fully closed to block out light and drafts, but opened either fully or partially to allow for outside energy to heat and cool the home. Blinds also provide a high level of privacy when needed, and are so easy to open and close, either with a traditional cord and pulley system, or one of the more modern electronic openers that have become popular.

Blinds that are mounted on the exterior of a window frame may provide even more insulation and energy conservation. This type of window treatment may help to seal off drafts even more than the interior mounted blinds.

Draperies are a popular choice for energy conservation as well, particularly in cooler climates. Draperies tend to be made from heavy fabrics that effectively block any drafts and seal out the cold air. Many décor themes in warmer climates may not work as well with heavy draperies, but depending on the color scheme and the fabrics selected, this may still be an option because draperies can definitely block the hottest rays of the sun, allowing the home to stay well insulated and cooler.

Any window treatment that helps with heat exchange will provide energy conservation, and if this is a priority for you as a homeowner, then consider one of these effective options to not only keep your energy bills down, but to do your part to conserve natural resources that are used to heat and cool your home.