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Energy Saving Window Treatments

Saving money and saving energy are priorities for most homeowners. Choosing the right window treatments can help you with both of these things, if you make the right selections. Window treatments should not only be fashionable and decorative, but when they can help to reduce energy costs, then it is a double bonus.

Many window blinds are designed to be energy efficient. Because they will block the light when closed, they can help reduce cooling costs in hot climates. And, because they can help to block drafts, they can help to reduce heating costs in cooler climates during the winter months. Many blinds come with additional insulated backing that further improves energy conservation.

Curtains and draperies are also very effective at helping with energy savings. Heavy draperies do a great job of keeping out both heat and cold when they are closed, yet let plenty of sunshine into a room when opened. When installed correctly, draperies may help with providing about a 10% savings in your home energy costs by limiting heat exchange at the right times of the day and the right times of the year.

Window films are a special kind of window treatment that are often designed with the specific intention of helping with energy savings. Applying these films, which can be clear, frosted or decorative, will help to filter light, often preventing the sun’s strongest rays from entering the home, while still allowing for the sunlight to brighten the space. The films may limit clear visibility, but can often help with energy savings in certain rooms. They might be particularly good in a bathroom, for additional privacy. These types of films are often coated with a reflective material that keeps the heat and cold out of your home.

There are many options for saving energy by using select window treatments. Make your home more beautiful and more energy efficient by installing the ones that work best for you. Choose the window treatments based on your climate, the direction in which the windows face, and your overall need for protection from heat and cold, and you will find that your energy bills can improve as a result.