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How Blinds can Decorate Your Walls

Depending on the location of the windows in the different rooms of your house, giving them a cover that naturally blends in with the interior decoration you have done to your house becomes essential. While shutters and blinds add a good decorative touché to liven up your rooms, if you select different patterns and shades and lively designs, they can add to the elegance of the furnishing. If you are not very confident about your taste, you can ask a window decorating expert to come over and help you pick colors and styles that will be best suited to enhance the perfection your home is.

If you feel you will sorely miss the patterns and designs on the curtains, do not fret. You need not trade off on designs for a single colored blind or shutter and can pick blinds with beautiful patterns on them. Whether you prefer the retro style or nature infused flower patterns or lively cartoon characters for your kids’ room, there is a whole range of patterns you may choose from.

Plain earth colored patterns of the bamboo or faux wood blind will give a very earthy look to your room, especially as a background for indoor potted plants. However, if you are looking for a colorful pattern on the blind when you draw them closed, to suit the decor of your house, then going for colorful prints is advisable. The elegance of printed blind stands out on cordless blinds as the print does not get encumbered with cords standing out garishly on the print.

For those with a creative vein, you can pick a plain single cell or double cell light filtering blinds and paint on them. If you are not up for getting your hands messy with colors, you can freely choose from a variety of patterns we offer on our Home collection Blackout Roller Shades and Good Housekeeping Light Filtering Roller Shades. These shades will add to the charm of your living room, bedroom and bathroom decor.

Our kids’ collection will bring a smile to your children’s face every time they enter the room. We have a special Disney collection with poster sized bright images of Disney characters like Mickey and Goofy printed splashed across the blind. So, every time your child draws the blinds in the room, they will have a huge Disney cartoon appear in their window. Of course, as kids grow older, their fancy for cartoon characters is replaced with desire for cool posters and bright colors. We have cool retro prints available with Carriann Kids 1/2" Single Cell Light Filtering Shades and 1/2" Single Cell Blackout Shades. These shades come with easy maintenance along with great looks.

The material used for creating the prints on the blinds will neither fade nor wear out. They can be easily cleaned with a dry or damp cloth to brighten your room. So whether you pick vertical blinds or horizontal ones, Roman shades or roller shades, you can pick up prints to enliven your blinds and add that extra personal touché.