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The Best Blinds to Go Green and Save Money


Going green is good for the planet and good for your wallet.  Window treatments, blinds and shades can be used to regulate room temperature, reduce your need for lighting and even extend the life of your furniture and artwork.  This article shows you some of the best options for saving the world while saving a few bucks at the same time.


These days it seems like everyone is taking a more active interest in the environment.  Everyone wants to do what they can to conserve resources and keep the planet green.  As more people begin to develop environmentally friendly habits they often find that being kind to the planet is also kind to their budget.  Eco-friendly products for the home can help to cut heating and cooling bills and conserve electricity.  This is especially true for one item you may often overlook when giving your home a Green Makeover. 

How Your Window Blinds Can Save You Money

Plenty of home owners understand the purpose of investing in high quality windows in order to reduce drafts and insulate their homes.  Of course, a full home window replacement project is costly both in terms of time and money.  But you can begin to take positive steps toward a greener life even if you're not yet ready to replace all the windows of your home.

Generally speaking, blinds and window coverings can help reduce utility bills since they act as an additional layer of insulation against the windows.  Blinds which are specially designed to be as ecological as possible are able to save you even more.  Cellular blinds, for example, have pleats which aid in insulating a room more effectively.  Cell shades come in a wide variety of colors and opacity in order to filter light.  This means that they do allow some light to come in and are often paired with longer drapes. 

Get the Light, Drop the Heat

Light filtering blinds offer another kind of savings for your home.  Since they allow some light to come in, you don't have to choose between having your blinds drawn or using natural light.  Rooms can have the blinds down to; for example, keep the sun from beating down on the windows and filling a room with ambient heat.  In a room with traditional blinds this would mean that the room itself would end up being very dark and so would require you to turn on a light.  In a room fitted with light filtering shades, however, you can still pull them down to block out the sun but will have plenty of soft, muted light in which to work.  No need to turn on a lamp and, best of all, you don't have to make your room look dark and dreary on bright sunny days. 

Protecting Yourself and Your Home from UV Rays

The sun, of course, does a lot more than simply light up a room.  In addition to adding ambient heat to spaces, its light can also damage rugs, furniture and even wall art thanks to fading.  Once again, though, blinds can come to the rescue.  Having blinds which you can bring down without losing all of the light means that the light which does come through in muted and much less harmful.  While they are able to reduce the amount of ambient heat produced by the light, they are also able to cut back on its power to fade furnishings and carpets.  This can add years to the life of your fine furniture, rugs and artwork. 

Being able to filter out the suns direct rays can also have a positive effect on your health.  Being able to still allow some light in means you're still making use of natural light which promotes the creation of Vitamin D in the body.  Since the light is muted, however, your skin isn't being subjected to the harmful UV rays direct sunlight can bring with it.  This can help with everything from keeping your skin looking younger to even cutting down your risk of developing skin cancer. 

The right kinds of blinds and shades can not only beautify your home, they can make your life substantially better.  Eco-friendly options can help you to cut back on heating and cooling, reduce your energy consumption and even extend the life of your furnishings.  These environmentally conscious alternatives can be found in colors which will flatter any space and will offer savings that keep your wallet happy too. 

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