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Window Treatments for Children

During a redecoration of your home, it may seem to make sense to install the same window treatments in every room of the house. Or you may want to do all the bedrooms one way, bathrooms another, and kitchen and sitting rooms another again. Consider the needs of your child when it comes to privacy and light admittance; what kind of blinds or shades will protect  your young one from visibility, prevent accidental mishaps with cords, and perform the most basic of jobs, let in the right amount of light?


Both blinds and shades work well for adults. We like to be able to slide blinds up half-way, adjust the louvers to the upward or downward position depending on the time of day. The nearly infinite number of positions gives us the impression of absolute control over our natural indoor lighting. Children have a different set of needs and abilities. They have less need of total control over their blinds, but rather need to be able to simply and easily limit or block the light that comes in to their bedrooms.

Blinds have more moving parts, making them more prone to issues and breakdowns. There is no real reason a child wants to play with the louver adjustment, so the shade is the preferred window treatment for the bedroom of a youngster. Additionally, blinds can become a hazard if ever the child is ever stuck between the louvers.

Cordless blinds and shades allow for easy movement without the danger of hanging cords which can become dangerous for young children. The cordless system works much the way a slide projector screen does, by operating on a rolling spring which can be released or locked into position by pulling down on the bottom. Simple, quick and safe. Done.

Enter the shade, a perfect blend of light blocking, light filtering, and simple and safe design. With no louvers to adjust, all children need do is decide whether to have the shade up or down. Make that shade cordless for extra insurance against accidents.

Now imagine the Disney designs available on many shades, and you have the trifecta of perfection for planning your child’s bedroom window treatments: safety, ease of use, and fun and functional design. You can choose from characters from Toy Story, Winnie The Pooh, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, and many more. Your children now have a window treatment that suits their age in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics.