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Think Blinds When Furnishing a New Space

You have moved into a new home or your dream space, which you would like to decorate according to your tastes. You have carefully chosen the colors painted on the walls and the furniture to go with it; the interiors have been tastefully done. What about the windows? Would you like to go for the traditional drapery or the more modern window blinds? You will be surprised to know the kind of choice that the blinds offer!

Windows assume an important role in decorating a home because they are integral to illuminating your home with natural light. Natural light can be used to create the effect of depth and space. Curtains might not be the best option as they can completely block the natural light. Blinds, however, come with various options of allowing light of different intensity. From filtering light to room darkening and even complete blackout can be achieved with window blinds. They provide a good energy saving option as they can insulate light or allow light, as the need might be. The other important aspect is privacy that can be attained for an office or your living space with window blinds.

Why go for Window Blinds?

  • Window Blinds offer a huge choice. They come in different colors     and designs, enhancing both style and functionality.
  • Blinds are more of a one-time investment as they can last for a     long time.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Made of horizontal or vertical slats so as to enhance the     appearance of a space, creating the illusion of depth.
  • Can be easily controlled, not allowing prying eyes to have a peek     at the interiors yet making room for natural light to illumine your home     or office.
  • Offer insulation from heat or cold by keeping the outside air from     entering the interiors of an office or home.
  • Made of different materials such as vinyl, wood, faux wood, bamboo     or aluminium.
  • Can be customized to suit the window or door size.
  • Custom design and colors can be chosen to go with the theme of     your home décor.
  • Can choose from cordless and motorized blinds that can be     controlled with a remote.

Types of Blinds

Wood Blinds – Wood Blinds, as the name says are made of real wood or basswood. Basswood blinds are light weight and come in beautiful grain patterns. Wood blinds create an elegant and earthy look, but do check with the manufacture as to what effect will a humid weather have on wood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds – They look exactly like wood blinds yet are more affordable with the ability to bear extreme weather conditions. More suited to high humidity regions.

Vertical Blinds – The most appropriate blind for sliding glass doors. They come in a variety of materials. Offer choice in terms of where you would like them to draw together, left, and right or center.

Mini Blinds – These offer various slat sizes and are more suited for heavy use. Made of aluminium, these blinds are affordable, durable and offer that minimalist look.

A clear thought must be given to the room space, amount of light entering a home, color on the walls, furniture and decoration used while selecting the type of blind. A vertical blind can make the interiors look more spacious. You can also shop for blinds based on features available at