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Who Buys Drapes?

Who actually buys drapes anymore? Drapes are those things that covered my grandmother’s windows. And actually thinking back, there were drapes in the living room of the house I grew up in. It took a minute for me to remember that because nobody actually went into the living room.

There are drapes that still look just like the ones I remember. There are also drapes they look pretty good in any setting. I have to say that because I just bought some. I have these fake French door windows in my house, and I put some Roman shades on them, and they look okay. But something was missing. I mean not to me, but my wife told me something was missing. So obviously something was missing.

We looked at cornice boards and valances, actually several kinds of valances, but they were not going to give us the look that we were after. At least from what we could tell. I mean we were online shopping, not in a store. We did visit quite a few sites, most of which were very confusing. We actually went back to the site from which we bought the Roman shades to begin with; It was clear they were a leading brand for blinds and shades, but not really for cornices or valances. There was a link on their site to a place called Having already had one really good experience with this company, we clicked on the link.


Grommet drapes, back tab drapes, ring top drapes. What?? I had no idea. I just had this image in my mind of the drapes that adorned the windows in my grandma’s house, which I discovered are called pleated drapes. Pinch pleated to be exact. I was beginning to believe that we would find the answer at SelectDrapes.

Did you know that it is not necessary to have a looped cord mounted to the wall in order to open and close drapery? I thought that was standard. Anyway, the site was pretty easy to navigate. The way they led me through the decision making process was straightforward, and allowed me to choose colors and fabrics based on the style of drapery that we were most interested in. After going through the grommet drapes and ring top drapes, we found another kind of draperies called rod pocket drapes. The common feature with all three of these draperies is that no cord is required to open or close them. You simply pull on the wand. Or in our case, we leave them as is.