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Why Blinds are an Absolute Necessity for Warm Months?

If you belong to one of the warmer states of America, then chances are that you must be struggling with a dilemma about whether to let in the natural lights or block the heat. The choice will obviously be blocking the heat, but at the cost of cutting the natural lights, which would save you some precious amount on energy bills that might already be escalating due to all the air conditioning. This is neither good for the planet nor your monthly budget.

Blinds are the perfect solution to take care of the heat and natural light for your home. If you think they will look simply garish on your beautiful, well thought out interior, take a pause and browse through the varied offering on the internet where many websites are dedicated just for selling blinds.

How the heat penetrates?

Windows and skylights are designed to let in the natural sun rays into the house, so the more number of windows, the more sunlight. This might give you an outdoorsy feel and look great in most months of the year; but in March, as the summer peaks, your enthusiasm might be dampened under the sweat rolling down your body. Air conditioning is a good solution to beat the heat, but windows make them work harder and the bills simply shoot up.

Why Blinds?

Blinds with cellular fabrics completely cut off the UV rays and reduce the solar penetration to a great extent. You can avail blinds and shades with light filtering or blackout features that will give you ample cover. Since the fabric is white on the exterior, its uniform appearance does not attract excess heat. You can, of course, select whatever shade or color you prefer for the interiors. In some rooms in the house such as the living room, study, office space you would still like some natural light to filter in. For this, you can opt for light filtering cellular fabrics, which let in ample amount of natural lights while cutting off the heat. For the bedrooms where there is hardly any need for light and absolutely no room for heat, you can opt for blackout cellular fabric that will block 99% of the light and deflect heat from the outside.

How effective are they?

Reflective window shades mounted outdoors block more heat than indoor installations and the best shades can block up to 75% of the heat when installed indoors while outdoors they block up to 100%. Opt for reflective shades for your windows, facing east where the low morning sun starts heating your house and for the west facing windows from where the low afternoon sun starts affecting your interiors.

You can browse through a huge array of window shades and blinds for all seasons at to deal with the summer heat. These blinds are highly effective for summers and in winters they help you insulate the house by trapping the warmth inside. A perfect all season solution if you are looking for one plus you do not have to compromise on style either.