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The Window: Shades or Blinds

Selecting the window treatment for a room sets the tone, enables full and proper use during all times of the day, creates the right amount of privacy and lets the occupants have a variety of adjustment options. Depending on the type of room and the area in which you live, choosing between blinds and shades is the first big decision that needs to be made.

In rooms that require more full light blocking, you are going to want to go with the more full coverage of a shade. If you desire adjustability, then blinds are the way to proceed. Certain spaces, such as children’s rooms, will be easily decided for safety factors. Other rooms will be more a matter of what area of the country you live in and how much privacy you want versus the type of light that you desire.

Choosing between blinds and shades for a child’s room is easy. Children tend not to need to adjust louvers, and the added feature can serve as a safety hazard. Additionally, more moving parts is not always a good thing, as any parent can tell you. Shades can provide full black-out protection from the light when nap-time is nigh, as well as be a light filter, letting in just so much light, while keeping out the glare. Disney even has a line of shades with some of their most popular characters printed on them.

Blinds offer a wide array of adjustability, nearly an infinite amount. If you work from home and enjoy natural light but detest the glare of the sun’s rays, blinds are one way to adjust to the movement of the sun. When the sun is high above, the blinds can be flipped so as to reflect the beams inward and upward. In the later part of the day, the blinds can be aimed down again, providing privacy from the outside world while letting in the last of the day’s light.

Sometimes it is nice to have a room with one decision to make: up or down. Shades come in a range of opacities, from full black-out to solar. Solar shades are great when living in a region with outstanding views that you want to capture all day long while also filtering out the sun’s harsh glare. Some solar shades can block out up to 95% of the light coming in while permitting a view at the same time.

If you are going to be using a room for two purposes, say watching television and working on your yoga moves, it is important that you select a window treatment that can block most of the light while offering you enough sunshine to do your other activities. This can be achieved with blinds or shades, with shades making your initial choice more important as to opacity, and blinds meaning you will be adjusting every time the light changes.