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Cordless shades – are they worth it?

Cordless window shades are the safest kind of window covering. That’s easy to understand. No cords mean that there are no ways for a small child or pet to get tangled up in a lift cord or tilt cord, therefore they are safe. My kids are in their mid-twenties, so until they procreate, the safety issue is no issue for me, but there are plenty of other good reasons to go cordless.

Window coverings that look great when they are in the lowered position can transform into a not-so-good-looking window shade when they are in the raised position. I speak of this based on personal experience. I recently bought new window coverings for a couple of rooms for my house, including the bathroom in the master bedroom. The window is a big square window that is on the wall next to the bathtub, and the view out is pretty nice, but the view in leaves no privacy.

I bought my blinds from one of the big box warehouse guys, whose name starts with Cost. They were name brand shades, and I thought I was getting a good deal. The window shade I bought for the bathroom was a honeycomb shade with a feature called top down bottom up. The benefit is that I could lower the shade from the top, giving me a great view out, while at the same time affording me privacy from the bottom of the shade because I leave it in the closed position. Let me tell you, the concept is great. I hung the cellular shade myself, and I actually did it correctly.

The shade looked awesome, and the cords were visible, but they were hanging in a manner that was not a problem. The bottom up cord was on the right, and the top down cord was on the left. Drum roll, please. The cords get longer as the shade gets raised from the bottom, or lowered from the top. There is a direct relationship, and it’s not a pretty sight, especially when the cord ends up resting in the water in your tub. It didn’t bother me too much, but my wife made it clear that we were not keeping that shade.

I wasn’t going back to Cost, where help is non-existent. I went on-line, did a Google search for cordless shades, and ended up on I actually ended up on a web page that offered cordless shades in several varieties. Not being sure of what to buy, I did a live chat, and received a recommendation to get a shade that was almost identical to the other one, with two exceptions. First, it is totally cordless, and it is top down bottom up. Second, it cost less!!! I couldn’t believe it. I actually got a better shade that is a name brand, SelectBlinds, that is higher rated than anything else I could find, at a better price. And my wife loves the fact that she can relax in the tub, in privacy, and a view. 

Cordless shades, are they worth it. Yes! Plus from SelectBlinds, they cost less!!!!