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Insulated Panels Make Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Certain types of screens and window treatments can help with improving the energy efficiency of your home. Knowing how to make the most of your window treatments so that they not only look beautiful but also provide a useful function will not only save you money but make you more comfortable and add plenty of beauty to your home.

Some screens can also help to provide some insulation from the heat and cold. Mesh screens that are mounted outside of the windows will help to reflect a great deal of the sun’s rays, keeping the home cooler. Many homeowners choose to install these on the windows that face east or west, because these are the directions from which many of the strongest rays will come from.

When you use insulated panels along with mesh screens and even a roof overhang for southern facing windows, you can truly maximize the energy conservation and not only save money but be extremely comfortable in your home. Sealing the insulated panels to the walls will serve as extra insulation and keep even more of the heat and cold from coming in and out when it is unwanted. Sealing the window treatment panels to the wall is as simple as using Velcro or magnetic tape and takes only minutes to install.

The main factors to take into consideration for using insulated panels are the climate in which you live, the latitude (because the intensity of the sun will vary accordingly), the rating of the insulated window treatment panels, and the size and type of the window that you are intending to protect.

Insulated panels can be draperies, shades, blinds or virtually any type of window treatment, and if you poke around enough at your home improvement store, you will likely find exactly what you are looking for, or at least be able to special order it if they do not stock the particular item that you need.

In colder climates, using storm windows in addition to insulated panels will definitely give you the heat conservation that you will want, so this should be another consideration for those windows in which storm windows are possible.