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Blinds that Add Drama to Your Interior

Blinds are easy to maintain and convenient to use. They have been designed to offer protection to your house against external harmful elements, while providing privacy and occupying minimal space. Sounds like a dream? It is more than that; blinds can be used to create some great effect that will dramatize your home decor. They give you the space to play with light, colors, patterns that will not only enliven your living space, but also bring out the real charm and beauty of the living space.

The Country Look

You can add a bit of the country or the Victorian classic touché to your settee windows with the Venetian blinds. Painted sheer white and fitted right into the window doors, they will bring out the French Connection, which might compel you to think there’s a Vineyard beyond if you just take a peep.

The Kids’ Fantasy Land

Give them a set of Disney cartoon themed blinds to send their wild imaginations spiralling into the animated world. Or if your kids are too old for that, then how about some cool retro patterns or colorful designer prints? Your 15-year old daughter would surely flip for some neat patterns on the window shades to go with the mood of her room.

The Touché of Nature

Give your dining room the cabin look with wooden or faux wood blind. You can choose the colors to contrast with the furniture in the dining area. For your living room, you can pick some Roman shades or natural shades that are tightly knit in layers and can be opened or closed to let in just the right amount of light to set the mood for the room.

A Bit of the Eastern Touché

Bamboo shades are a charming pick when you are considering a bit of the eastern touché. They blend in perfectly with rooms that have plenty of browns or indoor plants. Also, these shades are not interwoven tightly together; so, if you have a lot of greenery outside and the right setting inside, you may usher the tropical look right in the middle of your suburban or city home.

Think Modern

For a very modern look, especially with your long French Windows or doors, Vertical blinds would be the perfect choice. They look great on sliding doors, leading to the patio. Pick them in soft fabrics and textures with light colors to brighten up your room or in darker shades and materials such as faux wood to create more privacy.

The Blackout for Your Rooms

 Bedrooms are where privacy tops the list. You can pick single cell or double cell blackout shades that will cut the light out completely and any peek-a-boo from nosy neighbors can be ignored to slip into your personal world.

Easy to maneuver and consuming very little space, blinds give a roomy appearance to your house. Opt for cordless blinds and operate them with a slick movement of your hands to leave the visitors gaping at your elegant moves. You can find the right blinds to create the perfect bit of drama on that houses a great collection for all its viewers.