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Selecting Window Treatments for Your House

The decision to redecorate is more than making a home look more pleasing, it is about turning each room into a place of ease and comfort depending on its role. The bathroom and living room have different uses and so will necessarily have different light fixtures and even window treatments. The type of blinds covering the window determine how well the light is let it, how soothing or bright the natural light, and how private the room, among other things.

When looking to revisit the window treatments in a given room, the first thing to consider is how much light you are going to want in that particular room and if you want privacy with that light, adjustability, or total darkness.

The Kitchen

The place where food is prepared is the perfect place to have a sunny atmosphere with abundant natural light as possible. The woven window shade is the ideal treatment for the kitchen environment for its easy to clean, wood or bamboo materials and the way that light seems to enter naturally. These shades are often made of natural materials woven together. This design permits light to enter, but only between the strips of material, creating an arboreal like atmosphere that is at once light enough to work by and private enough to use in even areas where the neighbors are close at hand.

Entertaining Spaces

Depending on the type of entertaining you will be doing in a particular room, you have options to suit your light admitting needs. In a sun room where the sun can become too glaring during parts of the day, a solar shade is the best bet. If you prefer to filter the light somewhat, creating a warm, sensuous feeling, sheer shades offer adjustability as well as warmth. If you are going to be hosting a multi-media party, you are going to want black out shades. For an elegant sitting room feel, the Roman shade offers a range of opacities from black-out to almost sheer.


The bathroom is well suited for shades and blinds that provide privacy, admit natural light, and can withstand damp environments. Popular window treatments in bathrooms include mini blinds and woven shades. Mini blinds permit nearly infinite adjustability with the louvers able to be maneuvered as well as the entire unit slide up and down to cover more or less of the window. The woven shade provides privacy while engendering that woodsy feel that is nice in the bathroom. There is no adjustability with regard to louvers with woven shades, so there will always be the same amount of light coming in.