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Drafty Homes Need Crafty Window Treatments

Nobody likes a cold draft, unless it happens to be a beer. But when the drafts are in the living areas of your home, there are definitely things that you can do to help the situation and make it far more comfortable. Window treatments are an important part of the equation, and there are plenty of options to make your home a little more cozy during the cold winter months by helping to prevent drafts.

As it turns out, nearly 10% of the energy losses measured from a home will be related to the energy that is lost through the glass on windows and doors. When you use window treatments that are energy efficient, you can reduce that energy loss considerably, and, at the same time, add some character and beauty to your home.

Not only can the right window treatments spare you from uncomfortable drafts, they can help you save a bundle on your energy bills, too. But, before installing window treatments, make sure that your windows are properly caulked to eliminate some of the drafts that you are experiencing.

Once you have sealed the windows properly, it is a matter of choosing the right window treatments that will help to control heat loss. Heavy draperies are wonderful for keeping out cold drafts, but they may not always be the right choice in every room. Luckily, there are several other options that you can choose from to increase your comfort.

Thermal blinds, especially honeycomb designed blinds, will help to insulate your home quite nicely, while still allowing some light to filter through. The blinds can be raised or lowered, too, at different points of the day to allow for plenty of sunlight, yet closing them when darkness falls will help to keep the heat in. The thermal benefits of honeycomb shades and blinds are many and proven. If you prefer wooden blinds for their beauty and character, adding a curtain will help to insulate your home.

The most effective types of window treatments for protecting your home from drafts are ones that have multiple layers, which help to trap the draft and keep it from entering your home. Choose shades and blinds that are double layered for best results.