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Rooms in your house that absolutely cannot do without shades

Conventionally shades have been extensively used in the countryside for windows and largely for vents in the kitchen or bathroom, whereas they can be used much more diversely in different rooms for different types of windows and doors to accentuate the beauty of the interiors and also the view of the exteriors. Besides their beautification role, shades are also great for blocking the sun rays to let adequate heat and light into the room.

We will suggest a few rooms of your house where the shades would simply enliven the environment:

The Window Settee in the living room

Sounds very country or French, but the shaded windows just above the settee look picture perfect and make a cozy corner of the room for an afternoon gossip or to just curl up and read. The solar shades can be adjusted to let adequate amount of light in the house; this is helpful at noon times especially when the sun’s glare might chase you out of the living room.

The Bedroom

If you are not very comfortable with the idea of using a blackout blind for your room, you can always get the Roman shades, which will perform the task of cutting the light just as well without making it appear dull or eerily dark.

For Your Kitchen

It is highly unsafe to let cords hang around in the kitchen as they are inflammable. When your windows are very close to the stove or the wash basin, light filtering Roman shades are a better option and you can choose a suitable material that will not get soiled easily in the kitchen and will be easy to clean. The light filtering ones are a great option since the kitchen can get very hot and difficult to work in the afternoons.

Any Room with Large Windows

If you have rooms with very large windows that are always in public glare or get too much sunlight, you can opt for light filtering sheer window shades that will let adequate sunlight in the room, while blocking the view of your home interiors. Of course, you can peek out as much as you like!

For the baby’s room

Little ones are light sleepers – a little noise or a little light and they are ready to wake up and get cranky over the lost sleep. You can opt for sheer weave blackout shades for the baby’s nursery, which will keep the room dark, quiet and cool. Also, you can look for shades that will match the nursery décor or if you have an artistic bent then paint some pretty picture on it for your little bundle of joy to gurgle over. You may also pick the Disney cartoon shades, which are quite popular with parents of tiny tots.

The shades are  a great alternative over blinds, though both have their beauty and charm. You must pick one according to the requirement of your house and the décor of the house