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Keeping Your Kids Safe while Adding a Touché of Fun to their Windows

The kids’ room requires a lot of innovation as they love colors and they have their own unique preferences, which are a reflection of their personalities. Their likes and dislikes evolve as they grow, but in the meanwhile, they want what they want and it is best to humor them. So, when you are decorating your child’s room, you might want to add in a bit of color and spunk by thinking with a mind of their age. Studies have shown that kid’s must have a lot of bright happy colors adorning the walls of their room to keep them happy and energetic.

Blinds for your kids’ rooms

Blinds are a great option for the kid’s room as they are not flowy like the curtain. Kids with their penchant for making a game out of anything might get themselves entangled in the curtains and hurt themselves or others. Blinds of soft materials just hang on the wall and cannot be messed around with much.

Shop Cordless

With children, it is best to opt for cordless blinds and shades as the cords are thin wires that the children might hurt themselves with. Also, they are likely to do more damage to the window blinds or shades by frequently pulling on the cords. Further, these cords are mostly inflammable, so it is best to keep them away from kids. Cordless blinds are easy to operate with a simple push/pull mechanism which even children can do.

Add some zing to the shade

As we said earlier, the children’s rooms must be colorful, this will appeal to them. So, you can select shades that have a colorful retro or flowery patterns for the older ones; and for the younger children, there is a whole range of Disney cartoon character shades one can choose from. These shades will also double up as a wall hanging in the kids room when drawn. Further, children are afraid of the dark, so while going to bed, having a loved cartoon character’s picture next to their bed can be reassuring and would help them sleep better.

For the Toddlers

New born babies are very light sleepers and a little sound or light can disturb them and keep them cranky for a while and difficult to calm. You can opt for Cellular and Roller Shades with light filtering or blackout fabrics that will keep the room in perfect darkness so that your toddlers beauty sleep remains undisturbed. Also, this fabric will keep the child’s room insulated so you do not have to worry about keeping it warm or cool.

Window blinds and shades designed for kids are made with the highest safety standards keeping in mind their special needs and their mischievous activities. You can consult with your children about what cartoon character or design they would like on their window before committing yourself to anything. In fact, you can involve them in the process of designing their own bedroom too