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Perfect blinds for bathrooms

Why Blinds for Bathrooms?

Bathrooms have water – in the taps and as moisture in the air. Curtains of plastic fabric are the conventional choice, but not always the best option as they are neither durable nor easy to clean. Besides, if you slip and fall in the bathroom, you are likely to get entangled in the curtains and hurt yourself. Giving your bathroom a blind or shade for treatment is a better option as they are attached to the windows.

Cordless Blinds/ Shades

Cordless blinds or shades are a good choice for bathrooms as the cords can get fungal in the damp and also soap suds might stick to them and the cords are not even easy to clean. With cordless, you don’t even have to worry about touching the blinds with your wet or soapy hands, a gentle push will open them as much as you like.

Window Shutters

Shutters are the ideal choice for bathroom windows. They can be left open and yet, while the person inside may get a good view of what’s outside, no one can see inside. Setting up a money plant in front of the window gives it a very charming look too.

Roller Shades instead of Shower Curtain

A new idea that might not have been tried yet would be to get roller shades of suitable fabric with a nice design instead of a shower curtain, which can just be wiped down easily. You can pick vinyl shades that are easier to clean and also come in great designs.

Mini Blinds

These are best suited for the smaller windows of the bathroom and can be cut to suit any oddly shaped window in the bathroom.

Patterned shades

You may pick shades with a flowery design to match the fragrances of the soap, shampoos and bath oils to set the relaxing mood. For kids, you can pick the Disney cartoon shades to add a bit of fun to their personal bathrooms.

No Holes Privacy Shades

For the bathrooms, it is best to opt for shades with no holes to offer more privacy. In this system, the cords will not go through the slats, but around them. Also, individual slats can be removed for cleaning, which is very convenient especially for bathroom shades.

Durable Shades

While vinyl shades can withstand moisture, they don’t fare well with the sun, so avoid them for the windows. Pick colors and patterns that will go with your bathroom décor and also won’t fade out quickly or show dirt. In fact, it is better to avoid too much white.

Shades and blinds for bathrooms can be

a tricky affair as privacy is of utmost importance here. However, no one would like to compromise on the beauty of their bathroom. The bathroom is, in fact, the private sanctum for many where they can just lay back and relax in the bathtub or contemplate under the shower or while brushing one's teeth.