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Window Treatment Hardware Choices Make a Difference

Choosing the window treatments that you want is only part of the process for decorating your home in the way in which you will feel most comfortable. Another part of the process is choosing the type of hardware and what kind of decorative look you are seeking that will truly fill out the design and décor and make it so that it is perfect for you and your family and your personal tastes.

Curtain rods are one option that many people choose for hanging draperies or sheers. Rods may be covered completely by the draperies in some cases, and for this kind of rod, a finial ending is often attached to each end of the rod for decoration. The finials may come in a variety of metals or wood choices, allowing you to complement or contrast with nearly any theme or décor in your home.

Rods that are going to be visible when the curtains or drapes are hung, such as those that are used with tab top curtains, may be more decorative, and can be found in a variety of shapes, not just a circular shape. Some may be square or hexagonal, giving added character to the window treatment as the rod will be seen when the curtains are hung.

When using shades as a window treatment, the hardware is often installed on the interior surface of the window frame. This does not generally allow for additional decorative hardware, but many people may opt for hanging a valance or other decorative accessory over the shade, to cover the hardware that installs the shade and give more flexibility when decorating.

Choosing the hardware that you need to accessorize your window treatments is part of the process when it comes to decorating your home. While some are very happy with the plain and “clean” design of basic shades or curtain rods, others may choose to spice things up in the window treatment department with any variety of window treatment hardware that helps to define and decorate a space nicely.

Express yourself and be creative when it comes to your window treatments. Often this is one of the most noticeable parts of the décor in any room, so making a statement and making the window treatments reflect your taste and personality can be fun and add plenty of beauty to your home.