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Higher Efficiency Window Treatments

Most people are looking for the highest efficiency products for their homes. Anything that can help to save energy or make life more comfortable—whether financially or physically, is usually welcomed. Certain window treatments are known to help to control energy costs and make a home not only more energy efficient, but also more comfortable with variable temperatures that are found in most climates. Unless you live in a place that has only one long season, hot or cold, then you are going to want to have some flexibility that relates to controlling heat and cold exchange in your home. Windows are the most common place for any heat and cold exchange to take place, so it makes great sense to start there when you are thinking about improving energy efficiency.

Dual shades, or the type that have a highly reflective surface on the exterior side and a decorative look on the interior side, are a very common option for many homeowners. This will allow heat and cold to be reflected back outdoors, while having a beautiful contribution to the décor on the inside. Most homeowners will choose to use this type of window treatment on the warmest side of their homes. When the dual shades are kept drawn during the day, most of the suns hot rays are going to be kept out of the home. This is a flexible option because they can be opened wide on cooler days or when you do want the sun to shine into your rooms.

Quilted shades are another popular choice. Quilted shades can come in Roman shade styles or roller shade styles, and will help to insulate against both heat and cold. Quilted shades may also provide some insulation against outside noise, and are often used in a bedroom for added peace and quiet while sleeping. This type of shade can be found in any material and will complement any décor.

Another option is to choose pleated or cellular shades, which are designed for excellent heat insulation and protection from the cold. The pleats or double layered cellular formation will trap heat or cold, preventing it from overly changing the conditions in your room.

Those who are looking for options that are not only energy efficient yet beautiful should evaluate the many choices of window treatments available.