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What makes a window energy-efficient?

In contemporary architecture there is as much emphasis on energy-efficiency as on design, comfort, or practicality. Many people will not realize it, but windows are very often the weak points on the insulation coat of any house. It is the natural function of all windows to let sunshine in and add their parts to the ventilation of air in the house – and that is exactly what makes them, from the point of view of the insulation, leaks on an otherwise intact coverage. In recent years there has been a lot development done on researching solutions that make windows more energy-efficient – these new technologies come for a price, though. Those not in the fortunate position to spend a fortune on changing their old windows can still realize a considerable amount of improvement while spending a lot less – basically just by choosing the right window treatment.

The initial benefit of turning your windows energy-efficient is realized on your next energy bill. A particular series of modern shading solutions are designed with the special aim to increase the energy-efficiency of your windows. The main idea behind the conception is that leaks around the shades and blinds, however small they are and insignificant they might seem, are the cause of all energy loss. The absence of leaks will first of all ensure that no heat is lost at winter, and none is gained from outside throughout the summer. Although blinds and shades are in general less effective when it comes to preventing air leakage and infiltration, covering all the gaps is about as good as one can get without changing the whole window system.

Another benefit of energy-efficient window treatments is that most of them are manufactured through an eco-friendly process. From the very beginning, when selecting the fabrics and the materials, producing eco-friendly, energy-efficient shades and blinds is as green as possible. These products are manufactured from recyclable materials and more often than not come with a lifetime warranty. That means that the only risk one takes when purchasing them that one gets bored of them  in a couple of years. But even in that unlikely case the trashing of these shades and blinds will not harm the environment – the fabric they were made of can be either re-used, or will dissolve in the natural process of decomposition. At the end of the day this benefit can not be realized in a financial sense at the household, but contributes to the efforts of keeping our planet clean and uncorrupted, what is a huge benefit for everyone living on Earth at the long term.

In recent years, these products has become so popular that their variety in terms of color and pattern and special modifications matches that of the traditional blinds and shades. So, in other words, it will not limit your options in regard to selecting the perfect design matching the interior of your home when you decide to go green.

If you feel like paying to much for keeping your house warm at winter and cool at summer, there is no reason for hesitating – just do the right thing and upgrade your window treatments to eco-friendly and energy-effective.