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Tiebacks or No Tiebacks for Your Window Treatments?

Well, certainly one of the great debates when it comes to window treatments is whether or not you should be using tiebacks for your curtains. Now, this may seem like a trivial matter to most, but many homeowners, and even some seasoned interior decorators, may really waffle about this decision and what might work best in a particular room. The easy answer is that tiebacks may very well be a personal decision, and in the grand scheme of things, not a terribly important or “life and death” decision, but you do want your space to reflect your personality and your taste, and you want it to look nice, as well.

If you do select tiebacks for your curtains, consider the many creative options that are available. You can purchase tie backs for your window treatments at most home stores that sell curtains. Tiebacks can come plain, in decorative fabrics in a strap style, in a cord style with tassles or virtually any number of different styles. Shop around until you find what you like, and what you think looks nice with your curtains. You do not necessarily have to exactly match your curtains with the tiebacks, you can use the tie backs to complement the style very nicely in many instances.

Another option is to use tiebacks that you create yourself from interesting materials. Leather cords, metal chains, ribbons or beaded strands will add a lot of character to your window treatments, and be an interesting and unique addition to your décor. The key is to match the overall style of the room, whether it is a more formal room, like a dining room, or a more relaxed atmosphere, like you might wish to have in your bedroom.

Tiebacks are generally installed about two-thirds of the way down the length of the curtain, for the best effect, but, again, experiment with different placement and see how the look will dramatically change. You may find that a higher or lower placement allows the curtains to drape in a very attractive way. Don’t hang the hooks for the tiebacks until you experiment with the placement, to make sure that it is going to look the way that you want it to. Have another person help you during this process by holding the tiebacks in place so that you can stand back and get the full effect.