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Challenges of Finding Window Treatments for Bay Windows

When you are looking for window treatments for your bay windows, you will face special challenges, particularly related to the shape and size of the window and the window frame. Many people enjoy the openness of bay windows, because they allow wonderful light and air exchange with the outdoors, and they may choose to leave them entirely open. Others may wish for some decoration, or perhaps extra privacy in certain rooms, which requires a little more preparation and planning than regular, standard sized or shaped windows.

A bay window is the kind of window that projects outward from the house, typically in an angled manner, but occasionally with 90-degree angles. There can be multiple windows installed in a bay style, or one large window that fills the entire space. The idea is to create extra space, or a “bay” within the room. Bay windows can be found in any room of the home, but are common in living rooms or dining rooms, because of the extra effect they can provide. Bay windows were originally inspired by Victorian style architecture, but they are now found in every style of home, from classic to country to contemporary and everything in between.

Roman shades can work very well with bay windows, particularly when there are multiple windows filling the bay. Each window can have a Roman shade installed, which allows for wonderful flexibility when it comes to letting light and air in, because each one can be opened separately, or they can be opened all together for maximum exposure. Because Roman shades come in so many styles and materials, they make an excellent choice for bay windows, as well as most other window types.

Café style curtains, or curtains that are hung at the halfway point of the window to cover the bottom half work very well in bay window areas, especially in areas not requiring complete privacy. The open nature of the café curtains allows for plenty of sunshine, while the curtains provide some décor and perhaps give the area a more whimsical or relaxed look.

Instead of agonizing over how to decorate your bay windows with window treatments, explore the many interesting options that are available to make your room unique and special.