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Finding the Right Blinds

Blinds can be a great addition to the home, either used in conjunction with curtains or by themselves. They provide privacy and allow you to control the amount of natural or artificial light that enters the home.

When most people think of blinds for their windows, they immediately consider the standard white or beige blind made from plastic or metal that can be adjusted with a cord. This is certainly one of the most popular types of blinds, but there are several other types containing features that offer various benefits to the home dweller.

Operation and Opacity

One important feature to look for in a blind is its ability to block or let light in. This can be accomplished by either choosing a blind made from thick materials or choosing one that is dark in color. A second important feature is the ease in manipulating the blind when adjusting the amount of light coming in. This can be done through the traditional cord, but there are also cordless and motorized systems.

Common Blind Types and Their Bonuses

The Top Down/Bottom Up blind is very popular with those living in homes and apartments. The blind can be either raised from the bottom or lowered from the top to allow light of different magnitude to enter the room.  It is generally the least expensive and comes in several lengths to fit your window size. These blinds come in a variety of shades, opaqueness and textures.

Blackout Shades are the shades of choice for those who prefer very little light to enter the room or a room with as much darkness as possible. They are ideal for those looking to block more light at night but have difficulty doing so. If you are living in a brightly lit apartment complex or a home located near street or building lights, blackout shades enable you to get better sleep.

Blinds with a Cordless Lift System should be seriously considered for those living with small children. Many corded blinds have been subjected to recall due to safety issues. They have been responsible for several hundred accidental strangulations resulting in injury or death.  Cordless systems eliminate the need for a cord, as the blind is lifted and lowered by the bottom rail.

Blinds with motorized systems completely take away the hassle of pulling on cords or rails. Some systems even eliminate the need to be near the blind, as you can lift and lower with the push of a button from a remote control.  Those concerned with a bulky apparatus interfering with the beauty of the shade need not worry.  The motors are usually concealed in the head rail.