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Cellular Window Blinds: Keeping Out The Sun Is Only The Beginning

You need to rethink the window coverings in your home. The blinds you have now are ugly, let in too much light, too much heat, and distract from your décor. You’re redecorating your living room or child’s bedroom, and the window blinds represent frustratingly vast areas of wall space that contribute nothing to the room’s theme or ambience.

It’s time to think creatively about your window coverings!  Here is a list of considerations for choosing your new window blinds, pertaining to benefits you may not even realize modern window blinds can give to your home. Benefits including light filtering, light blackout (or both!), poster-size cartoon décor, décor which works with your walls and drapery, sound dampening, energy savings--and safety!

Light treatment

Today’s window blinds offer many different levels of light treatment. Think about what you need the blinds to do. Merely give a translucent quality to direct sunlight?  Substantially cut down on the brightness and radiant energy coming through?  Black out the room altogether?


In the living room, perhaps you want the blinds to mellow and soften the sunlight, and pull the draperies if you want to block the sun altogether. If you’re a light sleeper, or have an infant who has trouble getting to sleep, you’ll be happy to know there are blackout options available. There are even cellular blinds which can give you both light filtering and complete blackout!

Sound treatment

There are window blind fabrics available now which offer substantial sound reduction to block out outdoor noise. A real boon for your child’s room or home office!  If sound is an issue, be sure and ask about the blinds’ sound-dampening properties.

Energy Efficiency

Especially if you have older non-insulating windows, be aware that the latest cellular blinds can offer substantial energy savings at a much lower cost than installing storm or double-pane windows!  Ask about energy-insulating varieties when considering alternatives.

Children’s Bedroom Themes

Cellular blinds, if you don’t know, are those continuous, accordion-style shades. Modern cellular blinds are now available in all kinds of stylish decorative themes to enhance your room and set off your window treatments. What’s more, you can even use cellular blinds to decorate your child’s room with full-size posters of Disney characters like Micky Mouse and Buzz Lightyear!  Such alternatives can also offer a uniform white color to the outside world, and complete blackout light blockage for your child’s comfort.


Don’t forget safety considerations, especially in your child’s room. There are many cordless blind systems available today to eliminate the hazard of strangulation.

If you take all of these benefits into consideration as you make your choice, you’ll be amazed at everything modern cellular window blinds can do for your home. Happy blind shopping!