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Choosing Customized Window Treatments For Your Glass Doors

Vertical sliding blinds used to be the standard solution to offering privacy on a home’s back door.  Luckily today you have many more style options to choose from that can beautify the door and still allow you a complete view of the outside.

Almost every home has at least one door leading to the outside that doubles as a window.  It could be top to bottom transparent like a sliding glass door, or paneled like French doors.  Either way, these are often overlooked until the last minute when it comes time to choose window treatments for the home.  Instead of covering it up with drapery or a vertical blind, it is now easy to incorporate the door into the scheme of the room by treating the covering in the same manner you do the windows.

French doors are a beautiful addition to any living space that you don’t want to cover up completely.   You are able to add blinds or shades to only the glass portion of the door, leaving the rest in full view to accentuate the room.  If you utilize blinds in the space, you can incorporate those to fit the door so long as the slats do not extend to the handle of the door.  One inch works the best and can be made from wood, faux wood and even aluminum.  These all can be pulled completely up, just like your window blinds, to afford you a full view of the outside, or turned flat to allow light to filter in but still give you a sense of privacy.  A skillfully placed header along the top is a decorative way to hide the assembly.

Shades are a more stylish way to accentuate your French doors.  The simplicity of the cellular shade will allow the craftsmanship of the door to shine through, or you can take advantage of the versatility of Roman shades to add bold color and texture to the room.  These can be installed to cover the glass panes only, or over the entire door if you prefer.  They offer insulation as well, an important factor to consider with a window of that size.  If the doors are located in a bedroom, the shades easily can be lined with a black out material, giving you a peaceful resting area long after the sun comes up.

Don’t overlook the traditional vertical blind either.  Especially if the view from the door is not ideal.  No longer are your options limited, unlike before, vertical blinds are now available in every color and texture imaginable.  You can choose to have them blend in with the décor of the room, or pop out as a stylish addition.  Like with shades, they offer insulation as well as room darkening capabilities.

Don’t be afraid to let your personal style shine through with the door coverings you choose.  This is a perfect opportunity to take a large, permanent feature in the space and customize it to fit your own taste.