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Shades or Blinds, What is the Real Difference?

There are distinct differences between blinds and shades that will have an impact on which type you choose for your home.  Before starting your on-line shopping for new window treatments, make sure you understand the advantages of each.

Window coverings have come a long way since the days of mini blinds and curtains.  You can now find blinds and shades in a vast array of style, color and material.  In addition you should take into consideration how much privacy and light you want you want for the room.  Plus there are options that once were not readily available such as motorization and cordless blinds. Before you start thinking about colors and design patterns, you first need to decide if blinds or shades are right for you.

To quickly narrow down your options right from the beginning, decide whether or not you want a blind or a shade.  Some people may think they are interchangeable, but the two have a vast difference and can serve completely different purposes.  Blinds have slats or louvers that can be rotated open and closed to make adjustments in lighting and privacy.  Shades on the other hand need to be raised in order to let in light, making them a hard pick if you want maximum privacy.  If you have your heart set on shades though you could add a top down option which lets you open the shade from the top, allowing in light but still giving you the privacy you want.

You will find blinds in either aluminum or wood.  Aluminum blinds have the most options in color, but wood and faux wood blinds come with larger slats, allowing you to optimize the light from outside while not losing privacy.  If you really want to add style to your windows plus increase the value of your home, you could opt for durable plantation shades which afford you the most lighting choices with slats that can be up to 4 inches wide plus the ability to open them entirely.

If you decide that you like the look of shades for your house, there are many more options to choose from then with blinds.  First there are different types, such as pleated, roman and bamboo.  Pleated and honeycomb shades are good window insulators.  They also add texture to a window and come in a wide range of colors.  Bamboo shades add a natural feel to a space and add a unique design element.  Roman shades are probably the most popular for their variety of design options.  Not only can you find them in any color imaginable, you can also decide on the type of fold and fabric.  The added benefit to just about any shade is that they will come in or you can add a blackout material, giving you complete darkness in the room when you want.  The downside being that you lose privacy when you do want to let sunlight in.

The windows in a room are a great focal point and should be taken advantage of when choosing the rooms style.  Don’t hide them behind outdated curtains and drapes, use stylish shades or blinds to make the window functional as well as decorative.