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Top Down, Bottom Up Window Treatments: Your Privacy Solution and So Much More

Classic blinds and shades only allow you to open them from the bottom up.  The more versatile top down, bottom up shades give you better choices both in lighting and privacy.

The decisions you make regarding what type of blinds or shades to install on the windows of your home should not be taken lightly.  This is an investment that you will be staying with you for a long time.  Before you even venture on-line to start shopping and exploring your options, you should compose a list of the factors that matter most to you.  For some it is all about the aesthetics, and enhancing the décor of the room.  Others may be looking for a way to control the amount of light that enters the space.  Privacy could be your main concern, especially if you have windows that are facing the street.  If you found yourself nodding to all of these considerations, then the answer may be top down, bottom up window treatments.

The Look:  The way you cover your windows can be that finishing touch to give the room that extra wow you were hoping for.  Luckily top down, bottom up blinds come in almost as many styles and colors as bottom up shades.  You can choose honeycomb shades if you want to give the window extra insulation from the cold, or pleated for a more modern, sophisticated look.  If you are attempting a warm, natural feel for the room, try the top down, bottom up shades in bamboo or woven.  These add texture to your window treatments enhancing the warmth of the space.

The Lighting:  The sun moves during the day, we all know that.  At some points during the day the best way to take advantage of the natural light it gives is being covered by the top half of our window treatments.  With the option to open them from above, you allow the warm glow of natural sunlight to filter into the room throughout the entire day.  This can help save you money on heating costs during the winter by taking advantage of the free warmth it emits. 

The Privacy:  Hand in hand with the lighting adjustments comes the added benefit of more privacy from top down, bottom up window treatments.  This is especially useful on windows that face heavy foot traffic.  Now, instead of losing natural light to avoid passerby’s gazing into your home, you can open the shade from the top.  This gives you the full advantage of sunlight without compromising your privacy.  Other blinds that only open from the bottom give a full view of the room from the outside when opened. 

As with standards blinds and shades, top down, bottom up are available cordless allowing for clean lines and no bundles of string lying on your floor when the shade is up.

Have a clear idea of your priorities before making a decision about the window coverings for your home.  This is a choice that will stay with you for many years, making it best that you choose something that meets all of your needs.