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Interior Design Ideas Using Roman Shades

Roman shades are the ideal window covering option to add warmth and sophistication to any space in the home.  Available in virtually every color and fabric imaginable, it’s a breeze to match these versatile shades to any décor in your home.

Depending on your own personal style and the look you are trying to create in a room, Roman shades can either be used for their simplicity or extravagance.  You can choose a sleek design in a color that blends in with your wall to create a clean look, or a patterned design that draws the eye to the window covering.  They can be used in every room of the house, custom designed to fit each separate look.

In a cozy room with small windows you can create the illusion that the windows are larger by hanging Roman shades above and outside of the frame.  This gives the room the feeling of more space by using the window treatment as the décor instead of cluttering the area with wall hangings and decorations.  A simple patterned lightweight material that complements the wall color will add the punch the room needs and still keep it feeling spacious.

In a dining area, where there already are multiple necessary design elements, use Roman shades to complement those.   Pick a color and texture that blends naturally with the fabric of the chairs or table linens.  The effect you create is a room that looks custom designed but still warm and inviting, not fussy. 

Kitchen windows can be the most difficult to accentuate.  They are often smaller to accommodate the cabinetry and other essential appliances.  Pleated Roman shades in bright cheerful colors are the perfect solution.  They will add interest and texture to a small window but won’t compete with the design elements of your kitchen.  A light woven pattern over the sink will give you great natural light from the outside and still offer you an element of privacy.

Roman shades are perfect for bedrooms.  You can easily add room darkening or black out liner to any color and fabric, giving you the perfect sleeping environment.  Plus with the variety offered there is no reason why you won’t be able to find the right one to complement the room, whether the look is romantic for a couples’ bedroom, or whimsical for the bedroom of a small child.  Even an adolescent will be pleased with the sophistication that Roman shades can give to their personal space.

With the tile and porcelain that is used in a bathroom the space benefits from the softness of a Roman shade.  A hobbled style fold will add the warm texture that the room needs without cluttering an already small space with bulky curtains.  Add interest by choosing a contrasting color to the walls or with a bold, complementary pattern.

When designed correctly, Roman shades are able to give any room in your home a touch of class and elegance that other window treatments can’t.  With the ability to custom design the shade the sky is the limit on how you can use the windows in your house to make a statement.