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Bringing a Touch of the Outdoors In With Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades work well as both a traditional or modern window treatment to enhance the warm welcoming feel you are striving for.

Bamboo, or woven wood shades, come in what is known as a matchstick style.  Always appealing, they are made from the natural tubes of the bamboo plant and can be woven, braided or even have a turtle shell pattern.  With so much versatility it will be easy to find the bamboo shade that fits your taste.  Whether you are looking for something to add a subtle touch of elegance, or to make a bold statement about your design taste, bamboo shades will work for you.

Bamboo shades alone let a lot of natural sunlight to pass through the fibers.  This is ideal for a room that will benefit from extra lighting, like your kitchen.  You can line them with colorful fabrics to match the décor and give a more subtle lighting plus extra privacy in your family areas.  For bedrooms and baths where you want full privacy you can request to have your bamboo shade lined with black out fabric.  Besides enriching the appearance of your bamboo shades, fabric liners will also add insulation to the window, helping to keep your energy costs down.

When shopping for your bamboo shades, ask about the continuous cord loop over the traditional cord.  This gives your bamboo shade a polished look by eliminating the loose cords which also can pose a hazard to small children.  Another unique feature that you can make use of with bamboo shades is the top down, bottom up design.  This lets you make the best possible use of natural light and achieve optimal privacy by allowing the shade to be opened from the top as well as the bottom.  Be sure to ask your blind dealer if adding motorization to your bamboo blinds is an option, especially if the window they will be covering is hard to reach.

Another consideration while shopping for bamboo shades is a valence.  You will want to make sure that the ones you choose come with a top valence.  Not only does a valence cover the top bar of the bamboo shade it adds a touch of elegance.  As do edge bindings, another option that is available with bamboo shades.  Add these to your already sophisticated blind for a bold statement that will enhance the beauty of any space and reinforce the structure of the blind.

Measuring your window for an exact fit inside of the window frame for bamboo shades is not any different than with other blind or shade styles.  First take three separate measurements for the width and then use the smallest of those.  Do the same for the length, except here you will use the largest of the three measurements.  Make sure when giving the measurements to your blind dealer that you always mention the width first.  Their cutting experts will now the exact adjustments that need to be made in order to accommodate the mounting hardware.

Using a natural product like bamboo for a window covering will give your home a cozy feeling that you may not get with other types of shades.  Take advantage of the bamboo shades many style options and natural texture of bamboo shades to transform your house into a warm home.