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Choosing the Right Blinds For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, where you and your family spend a good portion of time together.  Give the room the special attention it deserves with custom blinds or shades.

More work is done in your kitchen than in any other room of your home, making the lighting a very important consideration when decorating.  Don’t overlook the possibility of taking advantage of natural sunlight by covering up kitchen windows with heavy curtains.  Blinds that can easily be adjusted to maximize sunlight are a stylish way to improve the workspace by adding soft lighting.

When you first set out to change the window coverings in your kitchen, you need to consider their position in the room.  If they are near the stove top or sink, they will be exposed to elements that will potentially make them dirty.  Aluminum blinds, wood blinds and faux wood blinds are the best choice for those windows as they are easy to clean both for the material they are made from and the slats.  Fabric blinds and shades, while decorative, will soil rapidly.  Unless they are easy to remove and clean, your beautifully decorated kitchen will lose its appeal fast.  You should only consider these for the kitchen if the windows are far away from the heavy work areas.

The nice thing about designing your kitchen using an aluminum blind is the choice of colors you will have to work with. Some designs come in shades ranging from blush white to real red, making incorporating them into your décor easy.  There is also some versatility with the size of the slats.  You can try micro mini blinds whose slats are only half an inch wide, or you can pick an aluminum blind that has two inch slats, giving you a better view of the outside world.  Of course all aluminum blinds allow you to pull them up completely, but you can also check with your blinds dealer if the top down, bottom up feature is available.  This allows you to open the blinds the traditional way from the bottom, or make better use of natural light by opening them down from the top.

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds are another great window treatment for the often used kitchen space especially with décor that is traditional.  Wood will give your kitchen that warm cozy feeling you need, encouraging the entire family to pull up a chair and relax.  Like aluminum blinds, wood blinds are easy to clean, making them perfect to go over any window in the kitchen.  They too can be custom made in a variety of colors, including light and dark shades, giving you more choices to accent your decorative style.

Each room in your home has different needs to be considered when choosing window treatments.  The kitchen has special concerns that should be addressed during the early decorating stages.  Don’t let this discourage you from choosing sleek blinds for the windows, there are many options available that are as versatile and elegant as you will want them to be.