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Shades And Blinds: An Affordable Way to Dress Up Your Windows

In order to maximize heating and cooling efficiency while protecting the home from the sun, most home owners now prefer the sophisticated look of shades and blinds over outdated curtain ensembles.  Not only are they more stylish, but window shades and blinds can now offer more privacy protection and light control than ever before.  The only thing holding back many home owners from making the switch is a fear of the cost. 

The reality is you can completely re-decorate and change the look of your home with new window shade or blind treatments without breaking your design budget.  There are hundreds of stylish options available that are low cost and still fully functional. 

You want to first assess your needs and decide what look will work best in your home.  Synchronize styles and colors to create the ambiance you are looking for.  It is very easy to turn a window into a showcase by using the right window treatment.  The trick is to find the one that is within your allocated expenses. 

If you love the warmth of wood, and are trying to create a classic feel to your home, there is no reason why you have to go buy expensive wood blinds.  Faux wood blinds are a less expensive option that give you the exact same look for a fraction of the cost. If you choose wisely, you can easily find faux woods blinds at an on-line blinds store that look exactly like the real deal.  Besides the price, the only other major differences are the faux woods durability over real wood and how much easier it is to keep them clean.

Fabrics are also a great way to use window coverings to make a space look avant garde without exceeding your spending limits.  Roman shades can be found in a variety of styles, and virtually any fabric and pattern you could imagine.  They are also a versatile choice, allowing you the option of installing black out materials to complete darkness in a room as well as a top down, bottom up design where the shade can be pulled down from the top.  This allows you to take advantage of natural light while still affording your space privacy. 

The least expensive alternative to curtains is still the metallic mini blinds.  Mini blinds are great for spaces like kitchens and baths, where elements like humidity and smoke may affect a window treatments appearance.  Plus with their small slat design, you are able to allow light to enter while still minimizing an outsider’s view into your home.

Before making a big decision about your window treatments, check out some on-line blind and shade stores to see what options are available and at what cost.  If you like the textured look of inexpensive honey comb blinds make sure that you will be able to find a fabric pattern that will match your décor. With the wide availability of windows shades and blinds, there is no reason to compromise on your taste because of a limited budget.