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Not an Accessory: Let Your Windows Own the Room

Homeowners trying their hand at interior design often make the error of treating the windows as a finishing touch to a rooms décor.  Whether the room has big showy bay windows or simple shape and pattern, the window treatments should never be neglected.  They will play an important role in the unique character of the room and your personal sense of style.

Most modern homes boast large windows that should be considered at the earliest stage of your design process.  This is an opportunity to allow a gorgeous architectural feature of your room take center stage in your décor.  Choices about the right color and style of treatments you choose for these types of windows will add perspective to the home and highlight the size and structure of the window.

Unless you are going for a clean, sanitized look for your home, try and avoid white window treatments like shades or blinds.  It used to be that a homeowner might try and minimize the impact of a window by covering it with white and beige tones.  With todays range of a colors, you can now table that approach and choose a blind or shade that is brightly colored and draws the attention to the window. 

It is easy to build on a room once you chosen the window treatment that appeals to you.  Paint comes in a rainbow of colors, making it easy to find a shade for your walls to complement your new blind or shade.  You don’t want an exact match, a sophisticated effect you should be trying to achieve is to let the walls stand as a backdrop for your new shades and blinds.  Once you start adding personal touches like framed pictures and plants, the room will pull together with the window as the center of attention. 

While minimalistic colors for blinds and shades is fading out, the patterns are not.  For a clean look, most interior designers will tell you to keep it simple with the window treatments.  Install windows and blinds inside the frame of the window unless you are trying to fool the eye into thinking the window is bigger.  Clean lines around the window give the room a polished finish.

If you absolutely must have the feel of curtains, than stick with Roman shades.  While fancier in design to other shades and blinds, you won’t lose the feel of sophistication.  Roman shades provide texture to the window with their different pleat options and can be made to fit the décor of any room with the wide range of colors and textures they have available.

A designer trick for a small space with a low ceiling that you may benefit from is to pick a window covering that is dense, such as venetian blinds or vertical striped shades.  This will help give the illusion of more space in the room.

Design experts will tell you that the windows in your home need the same decorating attention as the furniture in the room.  Start there first with hand-picked shades or blinds and create an atmosphere built around them.