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Interior Design Tips on Choosing Blinds and Shades

Dressing your windows with style and functionality is not a skill that comes naturally.  With the wide array of window treatments available it is easy to get confused by the endless possibilities.  Narrow down your options by fixing a budget and taking into account your homes architectural features and the rooms décor.

There are window design factors to consider before you can embark on choosing a window treatment.  The size, type, shape and location of a window all make a difference, and all provide important clues in selecting a stylish window shade or blind.  For instance, you may have an array of hard to reach windows in the living room of a contemporary home.  If they are subject to the morning sun, solar shades that can be operated with a remote control offer a great solution.  You have control over how much light enters the room, instead of using a covering that would otherwise not be able to be opened.  Choose a color or pattern that complements your style, allowing you to accommodate necessary functions and enhance the feel of the room.

Scarves and valences can soften the look of a room while adding texture and color.  These are a great solution if you have functioning blinds that are too stark.  You can drape sheer, colorful window scarves on a rod just above the window and allow them to hang just enough to be an elegant touch. 

Shades and blinds give you the most options while still being budget friendly.  You can enjoy unobstructed view of the outside or create total privacy.  With options like top down, bottom up and room darkening fabrics, you can control the flow of light into a room, creating either a warm, dark sleep sanctuary or a bright, cheerful space.  Window blinds and shades also give you an energy saving advantage by sitting directly in front of the window.  This helps to keep the conditioned air inside of your home in, while protecting it from the outside air entering.  In addition, you have the ability to use the UV rays from the sun to keep your home warm in the winter months.

You have an endless choice of materials in blinds and shades.  Fabric in any material can be constructed into a shade as well as natural wicker.  Blinds, which utilize slats to give you even more light and privacy control, can be constructed from wood, faux wood or the tradition aluminum mini blinds.

Some people still prefer to use curtains and drapes as window coverings as opposed to window shades or blinds.  Curtains add soft texture and style to a space.  Ideally, you can cover the window with a sophisticated blind and then use a curtain as a way to dress it up.  Drapes are more formal giving the space a rich, elegant look.  You can take further advantage of the curtain and blind design by adding decorative curtain rings, pole rods and tie backs.

Don’t let an abundance of undressed windows overwhelm you. Once you figure out what style you are looking for, on-line shade and blind shopping will be easy.