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Blackout and Room Darkening Shades: Not Only For a Good Nights Sleep

Most of us think of blackout shades and blinds as a way to block light out of a bedroom for a good night’s sleep.  That is a huge plus, but there are other benefits that you may have not considered.

Bedrooms are the most obvious places in your home to install room darkening shades and blinds.  Everyone loves the idea of being able to sleep in on a Saturday without being disturbed by the rising sun. 

Another bedroom that would benefit from sun blockage is your nursery.  You can immediately set the tone of sleep time for an infant just by rolling down the shade.  The calming effect it will have is going to allow your baby to sleep soundly, even in the middle of the day.  There is no need to concern yourself with the shade destroying the infantile décor of the space, you can purchase shades of every color and design lined with a room darkening fabric.  Disney even has included in its line child designed roller shades and cellular shades with a blackout fabrics.

A good night sleep is not the only reason to consider blackout or room darkening shades and blinds.  They can also help protect your furniture from the harmful effects UV rays.  If you have windows that are facing the east or west then those rooms are experiencing a direct hit from the sun first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon.  With a room darkening liner on your shade or blind, you can still have that sofa situated right in front of your bay window without having to worry about the fabric fading.

You also get energy efficiency benefits when you install a window covering with room darkening features.  Blocking out the sun will help keep the room cooler in the summer, plus the extra insulation will work at keeping the cold air out during the winter. 

Blackout shades are also a great option for windows that may face another neighbor’s yard or the street.  If privacy is an issue for you than the blackout shade is the perfect solution.  Even during the evening when you have the lights in the room on shadows will not appear to anyone who may happen to be standing outside. 

There is no reason to think you have to sacrifice style for a room if you do decide on a blackout shade or blind.  They come in a variety of styles including pleated shades which add texture to the space.  If you have your heart set on something more sophisticated like roman shades, you can easily have a blackout liner installed, allowing you to take full advantage of all the different fabrics, colors and designs these versatile shades are available in.

By choosing a blackout or room darkening option with your shades or blinds you are adding benefits that other window coverings cannot offer you.  When considering design options available for your windows, don’t dismiss the appeal of total darkness.